ML Burke

COLUMN: Excercise key to seniors’ quality of life

Columnist ML Burke says Delta should do more to help frail seniors get the exercise that they need.

COLUMN: What really matters in the end

Columnist ML Burke looks into the real worth, and difficulty, of giving away your collections.

COLUMN: A movement in search of connection

Columnist ML Burke says more and more people are looking to get away from suburban isolation in search of community.

COLUMN: The great democracy debate

Columnist ML Burke casts her vote for proportional representation as a replacement for our current first-past-the-post electoral system.

COLUMN: Seniors town hall highlights

Columnist ML Burke has a few takeaways from the recent seniors town hall meeting in Ladner

COLUMN: Two solitudes (or why people support Trump)

Columnist ML Burke tries to wrap her head around the ongoing popularity of U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump.

COLUMN: Are you saying I’m old?

Columnist ML Burke explains ageism and takes umbrage with people who think "old" means "less than."

COLUMN: Bon voyage into the future

Columnist ML Burke fills us in on a particular vision of the future circa 2040.

Democratic National Convention brings back feelings of the ‘70s

Could the outrage and strong emotions brought on by the US presidential race presage a return to the activism of the 1970s?

SENIORS SOAPBOX: Delta needs a new bridge and better transit

Columnist ML Burke chimes in on the debate surrounding the George Massey Tunnel replacement and transit issues in Delta.