Mike Straus

Woman to Watch: Laura Thurnheer

Thurnheer works to ensure Okanagan College is equipping students with the business skills they’ll need for a post-Information Age economy.

Woman to Watch: Dr. Stephanie Strawn

We’ve been to seminars in Texas and Vancouver to keep our knowledge up to date. Optometry is only 100 years old, and things change fast…

Woman to Watch: Charlene Blais

It’s her passion for community improvement and involvement in local initiatives that makes Charlen Blais a Woman to Watch.

Woman to Watch: Ariele Parker

"We’ve found that we’ve overcome a lot of the risk and unpredictability in the creative process by mapping it out.”

Women 2 Watch: Andrea East

Part of the reason why East finds her work so fulfilling is that it continually presents her with new challenges to solve.

Woman to Watch: Monika Walker

Monika Walker’s passion for bread has built Okanagan Grocery into a thriving and beloved local bakery.

Woman to Watch: Shannon Christensen

Christensen created Mamas for Mamas, where low-income mothers can request donated items and enrol in support programs.

Elder abuse: Early prevention is key, notaries say

"If you think someone is misappropriating your funds, speak up:” Kelowna notary Tarja McLean.

Small Business Week: Weighing in on small business resources

“I’ve never had as much help and support as I had when I started my business here in Kelowna:” Yoree Grozenok, 1-800-GOT-JUNK.

Y programs help seniors stay healthy

“There’s so much more to YMCA programs than is written out on paper."

Connecting seniors with social agencies

The Seniors Outreach Services Society is one of the Okanagan’s largest seniors agencies.

Then & Now: Beachcomber continues to thrive in changing market

"Every market is different, and you need to make sure (the product you buy) fits the market."

Then & Now: Promoting efficient water use

Irrigation control systems in the 1960s operated much like an old clock with wheels, cogs and dials.

Then & Now: Sticking to their guns with passion, craftsmanship

A strong reputation for quality work has kept Weber & Markin gunsmiths thriving in Kelowna for more than 27 years.

Then & Now: Save-On-Foods surpasses the century mark

Working for the grocery chain for 40 years, Malcolm Robson says changes to the ordering system have been astounding.

Then & Now: Winn Rentals legacy built on good planning, good people

The Gretzinger family’s Winn Rentals has found sustainable success thanks to responsible business practices.

Then & Now: Baths By Design overcomes industry, gender barriers

“If you want to succeed in business, you have to do something that really inspires you."

Then & Now: Mon Thong thrives on great dining experience

Nearly 30 years since opening Mon Thong Joe and Sunee Karunyasopon are still serving delicious and affordable Thai meals.

Then & Now: Kelowna Toyota inspires client loyalty

In the early days of the Kelowna Toyota dealership, the company offered five models of cars.

Then & Now: KGH still expanding on its rich history

Dr. Cliff Henderson remembers early efforts to provide health care in the Okanagan.