Michele Blais

The Way I See it: Just the Facts

Google, search engines, computer technology, Wikipedia, verifying stories

The Way I See It: The sweet scent of memories

scents can trigger memories: baby smells, kid smells, teen smells

The Way I See it: Mom keeps precious secret

Michele Blais shares a Christmas memory of a brother's first love

The Way I See it: A selfless wish for Santa

Wishing good for others in the community, keeping families safe and healthy

Bring on those winter memories

Winter, snow, toboganning, GT racers, speed on the hill, bring on the snow

The Way I See it: Time to exercise your civic duty

Michele Blais urges North Okanagan citizens to get out and vote on Nov. 19

Michele Blais: Thankful for family


MICHELE BLAIS: The scents of summer

summertime fun

Michele Blais: The arts feed the soul

North Okanagan arts scene

Nothing is impossible if you believe

I am now officially a Canucks fan — like thousands of others I…

THE WAY I SEE IT: Women’s centre will be missed

The Women’s Centre played an important role in the community services in…

It begins with participation

The Biggest Loser is a winner because they get their health, weight…