Michele Blais

The Way I See It: The top is down and the road is open

A red Mustang convertible takes Michele Blais and her husband out for those perfect summer road trips

The Way I See It: ‘Tugging’ along the lake

Recent storms in the North Okanagan have provided some interesting boat-watching for Michele Blais and her neighbours

The WAY I SEE IT: Lots to love about Canada

Michele Blais shares the 147 she loves about this country, in honour of Canada's 147th birthday

THE WAY I SEE IT: Enjoy the magic around you

Michele Blais touches on the country, flying, the CBC and technology

The Way I See It: Building your village

Michele Blais says a strong support system is essential for everyone

The Way I See It: A celebration of life

When someone we love dies, we don't forget about them, nor do we stop loving them, says Michele Blais

The Way I See It: Athletes provide inspiration

Olympians and Paralympians can help to inspire youngsters to get more active

The Way I See It: Waving the maple leaf

Michele Blais cheers for the Canadian Olympians competing and triumphing at the 2014 Winter Olympics

The Way I See It: Thank you, Mr. Canada

Michele Blais recalls her fond memories of Vernon city councillor and Canada Day committee chair Patrick Nicol, who died Jan. 15.

The WAY I SEE IT: Waiting for a snow day

Michele Blais looks at the joys of enjoying winter, not just enduring the cold

THE WAY I SEE IT: Resolutions to live by

Another year seems to have flown by with its days of greatness, wonderful moments, problems and challenges

The Way I See it: Mandela’s words provided inspiration

Michele Blais shares some of her favourite quotes from beloved anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela

The Way I See it: Sleep can be an elusive thing

Sleep like a baby need to be changed to sleep like a teenager

The Way I See it: Ford provides late-night fodder

Michele Blais believes that our politicians need to be seen as leaders, and Mayor Rob Ford is failing in every aspect of his leadership

The Way I See it: Thankful for family and friends

It's Thanksgiving in Canada Oct. 14 and Michele Blais is looking forward to spending it with the people she loves

The Way I See it: Don’t put off making memories

The passing of a loved one reminds us that we need to live each day to the fullest

The Way I See It: An ode to September

Summer has its charms, but Michele Blais believes September may be the sweetest month of all

The Way I See It: Taking that giant step into school

Columnist Michele Blais reminisces about her school days as students around the North Okanagan get ready to start learning.

The Way I See it: Siblings make life sweet

Michele Blais is grateful for the friendships she shares with her sister and brothers, as well as that shared by her sons

The Way I See it: The helicopter has landed

Michele Blais examines differences in parenting, from extreme hovering to relaxed and hands-off