Michele Blais

The Way I See It: A prescription for nature

Getting outside is good for everyone — your mental and physical health will benefit, so turn off those screens

The Way I See It: Some things just aren’t that hard

Michele Blais puts things in perspective: losing a loved one is hard; learning to eat healthy isn't that tough

The Way I See It: Dads: Finding peace during the chaos

Michele Blais said there are countless ways for children to amuse themselves — no smart phone required

The Way I See It: Dads: Home is always home

I visited my hometown of Strathroy, Ont. this spring and it had…

The Way I See It: Dads: It’s time to bring cottage life home

Michele Blais looks at taking the small-scale ideas of camping and cottaging and bringing them home

The Way I See It: Dads: take care of yourselves

Michele Blais shares loving memories of her father and urges other dads to remember that time is the most important gift a parent can give

The Way I See It: Thriving, not just surviving

Michele Blais is saddened and angered by the horror suffered by seven generations of aboriginal families in Canada

The Way I See It: Everyone needs a good mentor

Michele Blais remembers the many mentors who helped her sons when they were youngsters

The Way I See It: Starting the conversation

Michele Blais says it's never too late to start those conversations with family members; you might just learn something about each other

The Way I See It: Goals turned to reality

Michele Blais says working together can produce great results while still being true to yourself

The Way I See It: Dreaming of Oscar

The Academy Awards are on tonight and the golden statues go to some we feel deserving and some we may disagree with.

The Way I See it: The ‘smart’ move is to enjoy family time

Put those smart phones and other electronic devices away and enjoy the Family Day long weekend in B.C.

The Way I See it: A time for reflection

Michele Blais take a glass-is-half-full approach to new year's resolutions

The Way I See it: Home for Christmas

Families reuniting is one of the best things about Christmas, says columnist Michele Blais

The Way I See It: Thanks, Sandi, for a job well done

Sandi Dixon steps down as executive director of Okanagan Science Centre, and Michele Blais looks back on her many accomplishments

The Way I See It: Voting is a way of honouring those who served

Michele Blais looks at our right to vote and thinks of those who sacrificed their lives so we can enjoy the freedom we have today

The Way I See It: Savour every moment

Our role models and messages come in many ways to us and…

The Way I See It: Health for the common good

The autumn is for me a time of new ideas, fresh starts.…

The WAY I SEE IT: ‘I care’ makes the difference

A caring adult in a child's life goes a long way towards a healthy self-esteem and a productive life as an adult

THE WAY I SEE IT: Be a champion in a child’s life

There are many roles we can play in a child or young person’s life