Michele Blais

The Way I See it: Remembering Sundays with Stuart

Canadian icon Stuart McLean has died — listening to CBC Radio on a Sunday afternoon won't be the same without that distinctive voice

It’s time for some frozen Canadian fun

Skating outdoors on a frozen lake takes Michele Blais back to her Ontario childhood

The Way I See It: Believe in the magic

Michele Blais remembers a Christmas long ago when she was widowed with young children, and a secret Santa made her boys' dreams come true

The way I do the downward dog

Yoga and meditation are powerful tools in the fight against stress and constantly being on the go

The best commitment of all

Parenting is one of the joys of life; Morning Star columnist Michele Blais looks back at her sons' childhood and ahead to the future

Time to talk about mental illness

World Suicide Prevention Day is a chance to share awareness of mental health issues and help prevent suicide

The Way I See It: Time to open up those books

Columnist Michele Blais reminisces about her school days and stresses the importance of learning.

Summertime is water time

Michele Blais shares the joys of life on the waterfront in the Okanagan

The Way I See it: Time to enjoy all of summer

Michele Blais extolls the virtues of summertime in the North Okanagan

The Way I See it: Extend a warm Canadian welcome

Canada is a great country made up of immigrants from around the world who came here to seek a better life, so let's welcome them

The Way I See it: A salute to dads everywhere

Michele Blais sings the praises of dads and the important role they play in a child's life

The Way I See It: Keep the conversation going

Mental health in children and youth is just as important as physical health and safety

The Way I See It: Make your wishes known and get a will

If you don't have a will, there is no guarantee that your wishes will be honoured, with your estate or with what happens to your children

The Way I See It: A gathering of Women Who Care

An innovative new program spearheaded by local women will help non-profit groups throughout the North Okanagan

The Way I See It: Teach your children well

Children need to learn the consequences of their behaviour, about action and inaction

The Way I See It: The arts make life sweeter

The arts, as well as sports, make a community a better place to live, and enriches all of a community's residents

The Way I See It: Not giving in to fear

Michele Blais would like to see more gratitude and kindness around the world

The Way I See It: Wear the poppy and remember

Remembrance Day is Wednesday, Nov. 11, and Michele Blais pays homage to the men and women who served, and to those who serve today

The Way I See It: Canadians standing together

Michele Blais said it might be a good idea to borrow an idea from Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi and his 3 Things for Calgary

To be truly thankful

THE WAY I SEE IT: Happy Thanksgiving from Michelle Blais