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From the archives of the 100 Mile Free Press

37 Years Ago (1982): The office of the provincial ombudsman was recommending the Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) reduce its contribution assessment rating of 100 Mile Freed and Ranch. The ombudsman was the latest in a string of events involving a dispute between the firm and the WCB that had begun two years prior. Owner Frank Dobbs Jr. sued the WCB after being unsuccessful in having his rate reduced from $3.80 per $100 in wages paid to his employees to 50 cents, contending that his business was unfairly assessed by the board.

Parkside features two young artists

'There's a lot of talent in the younger art community'

West Fraser curtails production at Chasm, 100 Mile for 3 weeks

"It affects the whole province of British Columbia. I hate to see this happening."

From the archives of the 100 Mile Free Press

39 Years Ago (1980): General consensus at a mayor's conference call was that a B.C. Rail strike wasn't critical yet, according to Mayor Ross Marks. Marks added that "mills are trucking or stockpiling" but that the matter if unresolved would become more grave "within the next week to two weeks." As a result of the meeting Prince George's mayor sent a telegram to the Premier. Ainsworth Lumber Company's Exeter plant manager Dick Sellars observed that "if the strike continued, we'd have to stop very soon."

New Showcase exhibit comes with a story

'I just want to encourage people not to stop, not to quit'

South Cariboo RCMP calls increased by 478 in 2018

Mostly due to traffic, abandoned or false 911 and animal calls

Three arrested related to stolen property

Anyone with information regarding this event can contact the 100 Mile House RCMP

Marginal uptick in 100 Mile House Fire Rescue calls in 2018

Mild November conditions likely a mitigating factor

South Cariboo residents speak out over property assessments

'I'm worried about other taxpaying seniors'

Thinking of warmer weather

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Year in review: Sports

July to December

Christmas 3on3 tournament finished in dramatic fashion

Players took part in the 12th Annual Christmas Madness 3-on-3 Hockey tournament with the puck having dropped on Dec. 22.

Year in Review: Entertainment

July to December

Cariboo man offers $10,000 reward after theft from his property

'Constables have been as helpful as they can be'

Random spikes in break-ins in South Cariboo

'We are attempting to identify those responsible'

Dinner and a show at the Lac la Hache Community Hall

Students performed in Reindeer Rebellion

Missing the point of Christmas

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A weekly family column for the 100 Mile Free Press