Marnie Neaves

URBAN GARDENER: Pampering poultry

Just think what four laying hens can produce. My calculation is 128 eggs every seven days

Working towards becoming a year-round gardener

The resulting excitement over the newest project exceeded my knowledge of how to plan a winter garden

Solution for the loss of Island honey bee colonies

In order to turn blossoms into fruit they need to be pollinated

History of garden club mystery jug brought to light

A basement clean up that unearthed a silver memorial jug has kept some local garden club members puzzled for weeks

URBAN GARDENER: Could this possibly lead to a sustainable garden on my window sill?

Planting the root ends of five green onions, after chopping the upper stalks for a salad, worked very well

URBAN GARDENER: Backyard chicken farmers: We know you’re out there

What Does New York City Have that Campbell River hasn’t got?

URBAN GARDENER: A splash of seaweed brings out the earthworm love

The tip to keeping basil going is to pinch off the leaves, says Campbell River gardening columnist

URBAN GARDENER: Potatoes Are Trumps when it come to small space gardening

Who would have thought you could grow a crop of spuds on a patio or a balcony?

URBAN GARDENER: Planting the seed of self-sufficient food production

Breaking new ground for a hands-in-dirt experience is the start of an interesting collaboration

URBAN GARDENER: Winter gardening fix

“What could be nicer than fresh spinach, lettuce and greens early in the spring?”

The lost art of savouring our food

Are we guilty of gulping down our meals in order to get on with the next activity?

URBAN GARDENER: City council’s adoption of Agriculture Plan was a green-letter day for our committee

steering committee formulated the plan and recommendations for a strong agriculture sector to be developed

URBAN GARDENER: My recipe for cooking kale is always in demand

Chiffonading is a posh sounding description for a very simple leafy vegetable dish

We’re eating our neighbours’ dirt when it comes to food gardening

We’re being left in the dust, when it comes to good dirt, by our progressive coastal neighbours

URBAN GARDENER: Ancient leafy green intruder caught my eye

Sorrel Is An Amazing Herb and its versatility continues to surprise me.

URBAN GARDENER: Trend puts a new spin on vegetable gardening

Checking Out Other People’s gardens is a constant source of inspiration. I visit some amazing backyard vegetable gardens.

Our first blueberry farm

The Mystery Of The Farm Property under development at the corner of Peterson and Evergreen Road is solved

URBAN GARDENER: Students get in on the community garden craze

The Edible Courtyard, a creative garden plan by a dynamic former student at Timberline Secondary School, is now underway in the school’s spacious interior court

What to grow and where to start

With the interest in home grown food sweeping Vancouver Island, there is a corresponding desire for beginners to just jump in and join the parade