Marko Shehovac

RCMP Report — May 16th edition

Police files from the week of Monday, May 7 to Sunday, May 14.

On a Personal Note: Bike Rodeo

Columbia Valley RCMP Staff Sgt. Marko Shehovac shares his stories of policing and life.

RCMP Report — May 9th edition

For the week of Friday, April 27 to Monday, April 30.

RCMP Report

For the week of Sunday, April 15 to Thursday, April 26

Columbia Valley intel leads to drug bust in Calgary

The investigation resulted in nine kilograms of cocaine being seized.

RCMP Report: Three charged after dual cocaine busts

Notable cases for the Columbia Valley RCMP between February 13 and 18.

Drunken night in cell block leads to mischief charge

A round up of RCMP reports for the week of February 8 to 12.

The probationary period

Many of you may think that probation time only deals with people that are convicted of a criminal offence.

RCMP putting students on notice

Every year the RCMP fields a team and participates in the High school Floor hockey championship. Here's a look at the roster.

RCMP Report: Public’s tips and observations appreciated

A summary of the Columbia Valley RCMP's case logs for the weekend of January 27.

Slippery roads bring crashes

Columbia Valley RCMP report on notable calls for the weekend of January 14.

Raging grandmas

With my experience I can pretty much judge when someone is about to get physical with me.

Detachment recognizes Lake Windermere ice rescuers

The Columbia Valley RCMP's case highlights for the weekend of January 6.

Young and Naughty

I refer to small time policing as "Andy of Mayberry" policing.

The terrorist that got away

A number of us young energetic Mounties fresh out of training were going to catch us a terrorist and get promoted real quick.

What’s a Mountie without a moustache?

Other than my wedding I can’t recall not having a moustache.

Police work 101: dinnertime edition

Decoding dinner conversation with the wife. "We have been married for 33 years and—"

Possible bicycle thief spotted by witness

The latest report from the Columbia Valley RCMP detachment.

Distracting drivers

Before legislators came out with distracted driver legislation, I invented it by first defining what can distract a driver...

Tales from the Musical Ride

I once had aspirations and a goal to join the RCMP Musical Ride. The RCMP, however, advised me that the above picture is about as close as I will ever get to my aspirations and goals. I have no personal stories of being on the ride but I can share a friend's story of his experience.