Margaret Evans

Column: Gratitude still strong 70 years after peace comes to Europe

While the lights lit homes and streets they bathed the world in an illumination of peace and renewed hope.

Nepal struggles to recover from devastating earthquake

Overcoming this destruction will be a monumental challenge for Nepal, one of the poorest of Asia’s nations.

Column: Marking 45 years of Earth Day celebrations

This Wednesday was Earth Day and the 45th anniversary of its launch in spring 1970.

Column: Lessons to be learned from Vancouver fuel spill

Yes, the oil spill was serious. But the safety record off our coast is apparently pretty good

Column: Earthquakes happen, whether we’re ready or not

An earthquake will happen any time, any place, any season, and under any condition. Ready for that?

Warming Pacific waters could signal trouble ahead

NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center has been recording warm waters off the west coast.

Opinion: Government’s anti-terrorism bill goes too far

Before Bill C-51 goes any further, an independent review body needs to examine exactly what this Bill means and the extent of its reach.

Column: The risk firefighters face working on our behalf

Across Canada, firefighters risk their lives to keep our homes and our communities safe.

Column: Parents have role to play in preventing bullying

Bullying has always been a threatening fabric of society and dealing with it was pretty easy in pre-Internet days.

Column: Measles vaccine has saved more than 100 million lives

Not surprisingly there has been a growing push-back against the anti-vaccers who still seem to think that not vaccinating their kids is OK

Column: Warming weather puts pressure on ski resorts

Watching the climate trends, ski operators around the globe are aware that there are consequences for their enterprises in a warming world

Column: Managing wildlife in B.C. presents its challenges

Managing cougars has its own challenges, making protection of their continuous habitat a central driver to their conservation.

Column: Wolf cull raises questions

Here we are 40 years later still thinking it’s a good idea to shoot wolves as a conservation measure. Is that a good idea?

Column: Fall out from terror attacks in Paris will be felt here

Like the mythical monster Hydra, the many heads of hardened jihadist cells and unstable loner terrorists will continue to threaten.

Column: How not to redraw the map in the Middle East

When HarperCollins released an atlas designed for English-speaking children in schools in the Middle East, something was missing.

Column: Avian flu carries potential economic sting

With the sudden outbreak of bird ‘flu, the poultry industry is understandably on edge.

Column: Climate concerns as the warmest year nears

Last weekend’s cold outblast notwithstanding, this winter is potentially shaping up to be warmer and dryer than normal.

Column: Time to stop just talking about poverty

This month, First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition released their annual Child Poverty Report and the numbers are pretty grim.

Column: What comets can teach us about our Earth

Even in the few days it kept working, Philae has beamed back to Earth data to show that it has already detected organic molecules.

Column: Breaking the code of silence on sexual assault

Sexual assaults are far less likely to be reported than other forms of physical abuse.