Margaret Evans

Column: The changing face of the Northwest Passage

With the disappearing ice and opening of the Northwest Passage, ships are plowing across Canadian waters.

Column: Canadians are already into more trade with China

It’s the right time to engage more with China and the wider Asian landscape to advance Canada’s trading interests.

Column: Trying to cool a red hot real estate market

The additional tax on the purchase of a home, say, valued at $2 million would amount to $300,000.

Column: Recent attacks should be a warning to dog owners

As much as there are excellent owners who do all the right training, when instinct kicks in, outcomes can be devastating.

Column: Countdown to Brexit vote as Canada watches

Next week people in Britain will vote on whether leave the European Union. It is the most important decision they will vote on in decades.

Column: Canada has a big stake in the health of the oceans

Oceans have always been a primary source of nourishment. But in our dependence on the ocean comes misuse.

Column: Flood report highlights troubled waters ahead

Dikes could be vulnerable not only from lack of height but also erosion, a vulnerable foundation, or instability from earthquakes.

Column: Economic clouds loom as the G7 meets

On the agenda are measures to address the global economic slowdown, terrorism, the humanitarian crisis and ongoing conflicts.

Column: Warming up to the new normal

With province-wide heat on the heels of a warm winter driven by a strong El Nino event, there has been a rapid melt of the snowpack

Column: New strategies needed to battle interface fires

In the coming months of future analysis, many new policies will emerge on proactive fire management and prevention.

Column: Hunger count report offers food for thought

Some people might have a stereotypical image of someone needing food as a homeless person. But in reality it could be anyone.

Column: Getting closer to the green energy horizon

Boots-on-the-ground reality is that, while oil isn’t going away immediately, the transition to clean energy is accelerating.

Column: Lack of credibility was Ghomeshi accusers’ downfall

The high profile trial saw three witnesses take the stand. But their testimonies crashed and burned under the expert cross examination

Column: No-roam rule for feline friends unrealistic

For many cats the urge to hunt is so overwhelming it’s ingrained in their DNA

Column: Good or bad, Donald Trump is leaving his mark

Donald Trump has two things going for him when he’s on message to the working class crowds – charisma and energy.

Column: ANAVETS #305 to celebrate its 50th anniversary

Army, Navy, and Air Force Veterans in Canada, Chilliwack Unit #305 will be celebrating its 50th anniversary on February 27.

Column: To bomb or not to bomb, that is Canada’s question

As much as there are warts and whistles in the plan, it appears the coalition partners have given a nod of approval

Column: Great Bear Rainforest agreement is a huge win

The agreement is a massive collective win not only for the region but for folks who were bitterly opposed to each other’s point of view

Column: First Nations social funding gap needs to be filled

There needs to be a re-design of the funding and delivery of the child care system on reserves.

Column: Entertainment world feels the loss as stars dimmed

We are barely into the New Year and the entertainment industry has been rocked by the loss of six great performers.