Marco Terwiel

Ignore hospital’s D grade

Marco Terwiel doesn't put much credit in the CBC study of Canadian hospitals.

Parking problem at Ridge hospital

I could fill many pages of how difficult it is for many to remain positive in an environment of stifling bureaucracy.

Who do you trust, chemist or cow?

The nurses in the ICU here were top-notch and instrumental in getting me ready in short order for transfer to a regular ward to recover.

Sometimes best laid plans just that

Dr. Marco Terwiel is a retired family physician who lives in Maple Ridge

‘Belief’ key word in misinformation

News columnist Dr. Marco Terwiel is a retired family physician who lives in Maple Ridge

Mediocre care for top dollar health

Looming health care crisis of an aging population is taking an ever larger proportion of the budget.

How to better manage health system

Hospitals consume about half of the health care budgets in every province and only serve a relatively small percentage of the population.

The dangerous road of denial

Any combination of poor lifestyle choices will lead to serious health problems.

How to get a healthy immune system

Much depends on your genes, lifestyle, environment and social circumstances.

Pursue success, not accept failure

Kyle Aviak and others in Kuglutuk saved by introduction of high school sports.

Right to choose gaining momentum

Set out while you're of sound mind, how you want to be treated if you're disabled

Assisted suicide is about a choice

Federal justice minister Rob Nicholson has indicated his government will appeal the judgment of the B.C. Supreme Court Justice Lynne Smith.

Time to challenge old values, beliefs

As children, we were raised in a culture of being respectful to authority... and rarely dared to question our teachers.

A shameful situation in Nunavut

The price of junk-food, chips, pop and cookies is only slightly higher than the prices in our local grocery stores.

Lifestyle at root of health problems

Stint up in arctic showed unhealthy eating, now Canada the subject of UN investigation

We are what we eat, Canada

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is supposed to protect the public by making sure our food is safe and the labeling is correct.

I saw them all and more early on

Dr. Marco Terwiel is a retired family physician who lives in Maple Ridge. Read his column in The News.

Supply and demand in health care

The sexual revolution caused by this hormone tablet cut the birthrate by some 20 per cent.

Keep looking for health care solutions

You may be able to postpone the inevitable for a while by borrowing and maxing out your credit cards, but eventually bankruptcy looms.

Paying for long-term health care gain

In B.C., we pay MSP premiums, but people in the rest of Canada do not.