Malcolm Baxter

BAXYARD BANTER: Who makes or breaks a provincial election in the Skeena riding

Sentinel columnist Malcolm Baxter breaks down the numbers of the provincial election and sees how the NDP win.

Aboriginal voter key to 2013 NDP win in Skeena

Poll by poll results show Liberals were strong in Terrace and Kitimat

Long, long road yet for Enbridge pipeline

Legal challenges on list of items facing Northern Gateway

BAXYARD BANTER: Cuts could cost highly

Former Sentinel editor Malcolm Baxter puts Canada Post in the hot seat in this latest column.

Mail could use a royal stamp of approval

Retired editor Malcolm Baxter suggests an alternative to Canada Post ending home mail delivery

Can the Yanks outdo our LNG aspirations?

In the hyped up world of LNG there is no shortage of proponents seeking the supposed pot of gold at the end of that particular rainbow

Recycling math doesn’t add up in Terrace, BC

Taxpayers could be in for a rude awakening when all costs revealed

So how many LNG plants will be open by 2018?

I am not prone to being confused – at least not yet – but there are times when our august governing bodies leave me feeling so.

Global economics will define B.C.’s prosperity

Taking up where we left off last week, what are the Americans doing that could upset British Columbia’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) cart?

It’s as long, windy road to LNG prosperity

On Friday, June 7 premier Christy Clark announced the members of her new cabinet.

NDP destined to remain on outside looking in

Guest comment from Malcolm Baxter – he admits he was wrong

NDP pipeline flip flop won’t change outcome

Here's columnist Malcolm Baxter with his take on the upcoming May 14 election

Read all about it – the NDP will win

Three northwestern B.C. seats locked up for the NDP, too

Gas prosperity fund doesn’t add up

Feds would ease tax regime only to have province introduce one

City has opportunity for carbon income

Despite the fact the forest industry in the northwest is a shadow of its former self, there’s still a lot of money to be made out of trees

Big gun Chevron shows up for LNG play

The northwest received some good news for 2013 with an announcement that Chevron is taking a 50 per cent share in the KM LNG project.

Many forces line up against refinery plan

Whatever the flaws in David Black’s plan to build an oil refinery here, he has done a service in putting the spotlight on the issue

Gas-fired power plant could boost city fortunes

In his first column, Malcolm Baxter talks about the potential benefits of a gas-fired plant.

Radley Park: Rescue or Reconfigure?

The Kitimat River started eroding the city’s most popular park in 2006 and by the end of the year three sites had been claimed by the river.

Joint Review Panel: Haisla send clear message

The near two-year road to a Joint Review Panel recommendation on the Northern Gateway pipeline project began last Tuesday....