Lorne Eckersley

LKB case referred back to arbitrator

In what seems to be the Lower Kootenay Band version of The Neverending Story, a federal court judge has referred a decision made by arbitrator Marko Vesely last year back to him for review.

RCMP to crack down on loud bikes

For many Kootenay residents, summer means the arrival of loud motorcycles. Now the RCMP is vowing to target the most obnoxious offenders.

Innovative grazing practises encouraged

Innovative grazing practices build more soil, grow better pastures, raise healthier herds and adapt to climate change.

Town Council will discuss fire hall referendum in July

Creston Town Council is not ready to set a date for another referendum to finance a new fire hall.

Couples’ disputes keep RCMP busy

Creston RCMP responded to 89 calls for assistance, many involving relationship disputes, from June 5-12, Staff Sgt. Ryan Currie said on Monday.

Creston chef shares passion for ethnic food and culture

Creston's Chef Jo-Anne Schultz is combining her love of people with her passion for food, working to spread the joy she finds in the kitchen.

This is the Life – Parks and recreation

Opportunities for recreation are an important consideration for many when they are looking for housing.

Kootenay novelist to speak at Creston Public Library

For nearly 30 years Sean Arthur Joyce has worked in the Kootenays as a freelance journalist while also writing poetry.

Logging arch gets protective cover at Creston Museum

The Creston Valley Rotary Club has constructed a shed to protect the historic logging arch in front of the Creston Museum.

This is the Life – Don’t rely on petroleum revenues

For the first time since we moved to BC 39 years ago, I have felt like my car's licence plate is a liability as I drive along Alberta highways and city roads.

Accelerate Kootenays gains momentum

Fast charging stations are making electric vehicle ownership feasible for Kootenay residents and tourists.

New housing project for Spectrum Farms

Eric and Donna Kutzner worked with Kootenay Region Association for Community Living to create Spectrum Farms.

Council warned about potential problems at US border

US border officials can and do ask Canadians if they have ever used marijuana.

Area A director blasts highways department

Area A Director Garry Jackman objections to work planned for the Kootenay Lake Ferry terminal at Balfour.

Ethan Greentree named Junior Citizen of the Year

Proud parents Tom and Tenniel Greentree sat and smiled as their teenage son, Ethan was named Creston Valley's 2018 Junior Citizen of the Year.

This is the Life – The rites of summer

According to the calendar, summer is still nearly a month away but, really, as far as Creston people are concerned, doesn't our summer season start with Blossom Festival? And wasn't this year's event terrific?

RCMP vehicles get Yaqan Nukiy logo

"Putting these logos on the vehicles is a visible sign of our support for the Yaqan Nukiy people," Currie said, adding that the program was a first for British Columbia.

This is the Life – A bloomin’ good time

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Parents ask for Wildflower expansion

Parents of Wildflower students in the Creston Education Centre say there is enough demand to add another class to the program in the fall.

Annoying behavious gets annoying responses

I've heard from a lot of people from Wynndel and northward along the East Shore in the last couple of weeks.