Lori Welbourne

Columnist won’t back down on pit bull stance

In my last column about pit bulls I described how canines bred for hundreds of years to be champion dog killers are not a safe family pet.

Pit bull propaganda a deadly proposition

The Huffington Post just published an irresponsible series of articles promoting pit bulls as safe family dogs for their “Pit Bull Week.”

I’ve gone thrifting

My idea of shopping is making a list, going to a store that has everything I need, purchasing the items and then rushing home.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Safety

Most people aren’t dangerous, but some are. Why take a chance if you don’t have to?

Self first isn’t selfish

I’ve developed a bad habit of putting other people’s needs ahead of my own.

Songs of summer in the key of sweet

Years ago I shared my regrets of not learning a musical instrument and encouraged my kids to take lessons.

The fight for a cure carries on

Kim Findlater is what some refer to as a helicopter parent, constantly hovering nearby, watching that her child is out of harm’s way.

Be who you are meant to be–Caitlyn Jenner is

Bruce Jenner, the man who became an American national hero during the 1976 Olympics, had a different kind of victory last week.

For the love of the game: baseball captures hearts

I met my husband 20 years ago through a mutual friend who played on his baseball team.

Missing dogs of the Okanagan: a true tale

In the past two weeks, two puppies were stolen and later returned to their owners, and four additional dogs vanished without a trace.

Book sale this Friday and Saturday

A book sale, new ehibit and more on the Alberni arts scene this week.

Head over heels in laughter

I certainly learned why we’re encouraged to put our phones down and pay attention to what’s happening around us.

Think lost, not stray when approaching dogs

For more than two weeks my life has been consumed with trying to find our beloved dog, Charlie.

Lost dog means broken hearts at home

On Monday, March 23 I lost sight of our beloved pets down by Powers Creek in Glenrosa, West Kelowna.

Don’t be clothes-minded about this beach

He would skinny dip in our pool, hang out in the buff, and sometimes he’d take us to the clothing-optional Wreck Beach.

Music to him, noise to me

This past Sunday I went to my little film studio to write.

Famous dog breeds discontent over infamous owners

A new media star named Hulk has been appearing on popular talk shows and inspiring fantastical headlines.

It’s news to me

What colour did you think the dress was?

Maybe Oprah can help?

The vast majority of women said they’d prefer to look at un-doctored photographs.

A BRIGHTER NOTE: Beauty is in the eye of the puck holder

While columnist Lori Welbourne loved Miss Canada's homegrown hockey outfit, there were many detractors.