Liz Wylie

Wylie: Drawing from Life on grander than grand scale

The show comes together cohesively, even though the pieces are wildly different in approach, theme and materials.

Germaine Koh: Home Made Home

Germaine Koh's overarching goal for her Kelowna Art Gallery installation is to help people “imagine other models for living.”

Wylie: Escape Artists at the Kelowna Art Gallery

The intensely creative and focused individuals featured in any creative endeavor are, in fact, artists.

Wylie: Artist brings the light to Kelowna airport installation

KAG's latest installation at Kelowna International Airport is a suite of five paintings by Coldstream-based artist Heidi Thompson.

Wylie: Travelling Light: 45-year survey of John Hall’s paintings

Through the decades, Hall has stuck to hyper-realist painting…

Wylie: Krista Belle Stewart explores First Nations histories

Krista Belle Stewart uses historical source materials and documents as she explores First Nations histories.

Wylie: Art exposes our chaos/control alter egos

Amy Modahl explores our cultural obsession with imposed harmony and chaotic reality.

Wylie: Wave reveals the creatures within

Fate can have tricks up its sleeve…animals in her abstract shapes began to spontaneously appear.

Wylie: Two avenues of art, in retrospect

Works produced in printmaking during Landon Mackenzie's undergraduate years;then paint on huge canvases.

Wylie: Beauty of D’Agostino’s art might be distracting

A recurring motif in the artist’s works on view is the circle, which appears dark and sheltering…

Wylie: Echoes of Dutch brooding in modern work at KAG

Witlviet's paintings draw from Dutch artists of the past–Bruegel, Bosch, Rembrandt, and, of course, Vincent van Gogh.

Wylie: Dion spans cultures, artistic formats

Working in a mash-up of cultures, Dion produces sophisticated work that addresses the issues of living today as a First Nations person.

Lift Off and Soar before getting on you flight

Valerie Rogers' geese are painted on panels spanning 33 feet of space in the departures area of the Kelowna International Airport.

Wylie: Story of Canadian Art as told by the Hart House Art Collection

This is traditional pure painting at its best. The time period covered is from 1920 to the 1950s, with many works from the Depression era.

Wylie: Printing moves to three dimensions

Visitors familiar with modern and contemporary art may see echoes of or nods to the works of well-known artists…

Wylie: Construct your own meaning from Shuebrook’s art

Everyone brings their own experience to their looking and encounter with Ron Shuebrook’s works at the Kelowna Art Gallery.

Wylie: Abstract filled with essence of landscape

Despite their being completely abstract, Smith’s works in the current show might make viewers think of landscapes.

Wylie: Infusing art into departures at YLW

Wessels was thinking about a travelling side show as a metaphor for a touring exhibition of work by a contemporary artist.

Wylie: Exploring today’s state of painting

Spearin directs the viewer to a dispersed field of work, rather than just the usual single painting.

Wylie: Whole picture on the apple scene

Christos Dikeakos is an intense thinker who likes to dive wholeheartedly into and grapple with the topics that seize hold of him.