Leslie Cox

Going for silver in the garden

Who thinks about leaf colour in relation to how a plant handles weather conditions?

Raking tips to make the task easier

Raking up the leaves is very likely one of the last garden chores you will have left to do at this time of year

Duchess of Dirt: Autumn’s fall grasses provide variety of choices


Duchess of Dirt: Ripe fruit attracts vinegar flies


Endless varieties of tomatoes on the vines

by Leslie CoxSpecial to The RecordAugust in the vegetable garden is pure…

Duchess of Dirt: Plenty of insects to celebrate

Upwards of eighty per cent of all plants in the world are pollinated by insects...

Grafted tomato plants offer benefits

Well...I promised more this column about the new tomato plant I am growing this year, the grafted tomato...

Early jump on tomatoes for Duchess of Dirt

I grow tomatoes in pots mainly to see how well they will perform...with a focus on growth habit in a limited space...

Noxious or nuisance?

A noxious weed or merely a nuisance? Either way they are both invasive

Here come the caterpillars, again

Beware! It may be another bad year for northern tent and forest caterpillars if you had an infestation in your garden last year

Time for violet jelly

Not too many days ago I happened to notice a few violets blooming in my lawn

Duchess of Dirt, educating readers for 10 years

Looking back through my history file, this translates into quite a few articles on a variety of gardening-related topics...

‘Weather hiccups’ hard on plants

What was with all the snow in February? Oh, wait...we have had snow in this month before...

Scents theme for this year’s list of outstanding plants for Pacific Northwest

Each plant in the trial is evaluated for its overall performance in Zone 7 and 8 for growth, flower and fruit production...

Plenty to prepare in garden at this time of year

Top of my winter garden list is my gardening tools. Secateurs and pruners need cleaning and sharpening...

Now is the time to think seeds

Selecting seeds can be complicated unless you are ordering from a certified organic seed company, or one who signed the Safe Seed Pledge

Cuke named Vegetable of the Year

Who knew cucumbers have been grown in space? Or that, worldwide, they are the fourth most popular vegetable in cultivation?

New Year exciting for gardeners

Especially if you are a gardener, as there is always the anticipation of new plant introductions making their way into the nurseries...

Sugarplums dancing in Duchess of Dirt’s head

I love Christmas! It is one of a very few bright spots in an otherwise dreary, non-gardening winter...