Leah Blain

Council hears support for marijuana dispensaries

It wasn’t a big crowd and not many people got up to speak, but of those who did, the sentiments were similar

History of Salmon Arm Fall Fair

The Salmon Arm Fair celebrates its 119th anniversary this year.

Tackling classes and chemo

Megan Senn: Teen continues treatment, returns to SAS.

Mixed-Uppets launches operations at festival

When Melissa Nasby goes to work she is surrounded by bright staring eyeballs, bushy eyebrows, florescent hair of all kinds…

Star Wars a success for Salmar

The Salmar Community Association brought home the bronze at the Canadian film industry’s annual convention, ShowCanada.

Budding farmer gets growing with spuds

local 13-year-old is successfully farming and selling potatoes.

Driven to improve, excel

Trial and error: Self-taught player achieves much success.

Ready, set, move with Parkour

Energy: Staying fit with a creative combo of movement.

Archery zeroes in on fun

Although the blockbuster, Hunger Games, spiked some interest in archery at the local club, it wasn’t the movie that inspired…

Bykerk earns top Canadian

She parked her motocross bike for the winter but Chantelle Bykerk is already gearing up for 2014

Experiencing the joy of speed on ice

“I got the flyer. It said ‘Learn to Speed Skate.’ I was interested right away. Sometimes when people give you flyers they’re interesting.”

Speed draws UBCO attention

She might be the new kid, but in her first couple of months Sandy Kilmartin is already burning up the track

Regional district bans fireworks in Area E

The Fireworks/Firecracker Area E Regulation Bylaw passed final reading, making it illegal…

School District #83 could see budget shortfall of up to $1.8 million

School District #83  Secretary Treasurer Sterling Olson gave trustees a preliminary budget…