Lawrence Woodall

Save our Dudley-Do-Rights from bear-killing bureaucrats

Contributor Lawrence Woodall on a recent bear cub controversy

Stalking, man-eating bears on North Island

Columnist Lawrence Woodall discusses the perspective about bears in the TV show "Alone"

Save the Planet, Use an Outhouse

A satirical illustration by Gazette contributor Lawrence Woodall.

Lawrence Woodall Illustration

Lawrence Woodall Illustration in April 26, 2015 Gazette

Save a Bird, Eat a Cat

Lawrence Woodall shares his Our Backyard column with North Island Gazette readers

It’s a dog’s life in B.C. backcountry

Columnist Lawrence Woodall shares traits of the best — and worst — trail companions

Big, bad wolf is B.C.’s favourite scapegoat

"Our Backyard" columnist Lawrence Woodall argues wolf cull ignores real problems facing B.C.'s caribou herds

B.C.’s wilderness: use it or lose it

Computers no substitute for memories forged in the great outdoors.

Bears put on show—if you find them

Naturalist and guide Lawrence Woodall goes on a muddy hike in search of bears.

Pipeline means selling out Mother Earth

Lawrence Woodall discusses the impact the Northern Gateway Pipeline would have on grizzly and woodland caribou.

The A,B,Cs of responsible photography

Lawrence Woodall discusses having respect for the subject matter when photographing wildlife.

Help keep pets off the menu

Outdoors columnist Lawrence Woodall addresses the recent spate of wolf sightings and attacks in and around Port Hardy

Nature bites hard

Outdoorsman Lawrence Woodall explains how proper preparation can be a life saver.

Fear of the unknown drives grizzly myths

Outdoorsman Lawrence Woodall recalls a near encounter with a grizzly.

The forest spirits giveth and taketh away

Lawrence Woodall searches for elk but finds a bald eagle instead.

Some animals can’t bear hibernation

Larry Woodall speaks from experience to refute the image of the hibernation that many hold.

Death by a thousand cuts

Lawrence Woodall voices his opinions of the potential impact of the Enbridge pipeline.

April 26 editorial cartoon

The upside is the Leafs didn't make the playoffs this year

Aaaaaah, the joys of spring, aaaaah, the joys of spring

Aaaaaah, the joys of spring, aaaaah, the joys of spring

March 15 editorial cartoon

I admire the Syrians fighting for freedom against a tyrant that forces its will upon the populace. GO SYRIA, GO.