Kerry Senchyna

Column: Give yourself time to recover

By cutting down on recovery time we may be getting poorer results and therefore wasting our time.

Kinected: On the topic of willpower

There are ways to improve self-control and willpower.

Senchyna: Flexibility and mobility

Sometimes when people discuss how they move, they will use different words interchangeably, not realizing...

Senchyna: Researching how to beat obesity

When considering putting a weight loss program into action, most people wonder not only what are the most effective methods...

Being active is best for your health

Most of us are familiar with inflammation on a grander scale.

Senchyna: Strength training is also a benefit to endurance athletes

In the past long distance, endurance athletes like runners and cyclists have been wary of getting involved in strength training programs.

More time on the core

What core exercises will give you the most effective training.

Senchyna: The core of the matter

The phrase “training the core” is used so often in sports and exercise that it may have lost much of its meaning.

Senchyna: It’s never too late to start

There have been a few studies published that have indicated that sitting is much worse for your health than standing ...

Fatigue a prime factor in muscle cramps

There are a variety of muscle cramps, but I will primarily be discussing those that occur during or after exercise.

Kinected: The order of exercise

Strength training programs come in many possible combinations and permutations.

Kinected: Gaining muscle a slow process

The task of gaining muscle can be a long and sometimes frustrating road. There seems to be a number of influences that make it a rocky...

Kinected: Using your mind to combat fatigue

The mental contribution to fatigue has always been known to exist.

Muscle confusion is confusing

Muscles do have a property which is often called ‘muscle memory’

Mental fatigue hinders exercise

A 2009 study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology tried to answer this question

Don’t blame the muscle

We’ve all experienced this physical sensation at one time or another known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Column: Debunking running myths

I previously discussed whether running on hard surfaces is hard on your joints.
Will it wear out your joints prematurely?

Kinected: About running on hard surfaces

Whether you are a recreational jogger or a marathon runner, we all are concerned with is how do we reduce the chance of injury?

Senchyna: Walking is still relevant as an exercise

You’ve no doubt been hearing more over the past few years about the benefits of high intensity exercise.

SENCHYNA: Throwing mechanics, from start to Tommy John surgery

In my last column, I brought up the way our shoulder evolved from weight bearing to a variety of other functions...