Ken Wilson

Columns: Perfect year to take advantage of garden herbs

This is a great year to be out in the garden because of our wonderful, warm summer-like weather.

Columns: Will be interesting to see which way political ship steers

The Federal NDP party is in disarray. They ousted Tom Mulcair, who just seven months ago, was riding on the high wave.

Columns: Parade Saturday to honour Vimy Ridge vets

Congratulations to those volunteers who held the rally in Boitanio Park to “take back the park” because hoodlums might get them.

Column: Multicultural gathering a welcome event

The Williams Lake Indian Band will be hosting a multicultural gathering of all nations and cultures who live in this area.

Roasted garlic accents prime rib steak

Columnist Ken Wilson shares a favourite steak recipe with an added roasted garlic infusion.

COLUMN: Chiang Mai Noodle Soup provides taste of Thailand

One of the neat things about travelling to other countries is the opportunity to enjoy different kinds of food.

COLUMN: Spring time gets cooking and creative juices flowing

Perhaps it’s the longer days, maybe warmer temperatures, but something has kicked my cooking imagination into a higher spatula.

COLUMN: Expect a great night at the Business Excellence Awards

I suspect the city will be happy with no more snow this winter (wishful thinking).

COLUMN: Chamber of commerce a vital part of B.C. business

This is the end of Chamber of Commerce Week in B.C.

COLUMN: ‘Loving you Tenderloin’ this Valentine’s Day

I wonder how many romances have started because of food?

COLUMN: Starting kids out simple the best way to learn how to cook

I didn’t do much cooking when I was a kid. Mud pies were not the kind of cooking one could eat.

COLUMNS: Community bands together to make Winter Carnival happen

What would happen to our community if we did not have volunteers?

COLUMNS: Seafood supreme highlights delicacies of fresh water and ocean

I was going through my freezer and found a couple of trout fillets, much to my surprise, because I thought they had all been used.

COLUMNS: Learning the joys of cooking a treat in itself

There are many ways people get into learning how to cook.

Take time to enjoy the food we prepare

We are a rushed and distracted society that seems to be so busy we do not seem to take time to eat a nice meal and really enjoy the food.

COLUMNS: Lucky to be able to spend Christmas in Canada

The gift of being a Canadian, living in this country, being free, and having the opportunity to celebrate Christmas.

COLUMNS: Shop locally to support businesses this Christmas

Multiple organizations are urging residents to shop locally this Christmas season.

Columns: Braised turkey drumsticks a delicious Christmas delight

In one month from now the presents will have been opened and Santa will have gone back to the North Pole for a little rest.

Columns: Spreading good instead of bad would elminate some goofiness

The world’s sympathy goes out to those who were slaughtered in the Paris massacre.

Columns: Comfort food a great option for dark, fall days

The weather has been pretty decent considering it is the middle of November.