Ken Wilson

Ken’s Country Kitchen: Getting creative with sweet potatoes, not just on Thanksgiving

The good news is the incredible fall colours we see around our communities and out in the woods.

Wear a poppy to show respect and support our veterans

Royal Canadian Legion conducts the Poppy Campaign to honour those who serve, and to raise funds in support of veterans and their families.

COLUMNS: Idea of Halloween inspired by Celtic beliefs

There will be a big pumpkin wrapping himself around the houses in your neighborhood on Monday.

Columns: Try turkey a different way this Thanksgiving

In 1879 the Canadian parliament declared a national holiday for Thanksgiving.

Column: Fall a great season for cooking

I really enjoy this time of the year with all the different leaf colours surrounding us.

Tribune/Advisor columnist Ken Wilson, as a youngster, stands with his bow and arrow and his first bear.

First-time bear hunt provides meat and memories

In a cooking column devoted to hunting, Ken Wilson recalls first bear hunt as a youngster in Saskatchewan.

Tribune/Advisor columnist Ken Wilson, as a youngster, stands with his bow and arrow and his first bear.

Tomatoes lip smacking good this time of year

I love this time of the year. Fresh fruits and fresh vegetables are in abundance and they are ever so nice to eat and especially in salads.

Column: Let kids have input on school lunch menu

When I was going to school in Indian Head, Sask. a few years ago , we walked home for lunch each day.

Column: Chicken and Corn chowder a party for your tastebuds

The summer of 2016 is winding down and let’s hope that September and the entry into fall is as nice as it was last year.

Congratulations to Kayla Moleschi for her Olympic spirit

Dedication, determination, desire, direction. Four D words that put together would spell Olympic Athlete.

Stuffing and sauces spark up the summer fish fry

Summertime and the livin’ is easy, fish are jumping and the days are warm, the evenings are cool.

Column: Nothing like some Thai cuisine to tantalize taste buds

When we were holidaying in Thailand my taste buds were delighted with the spices and flavours of the country’s food.

Column: Take advantage of great fishing with tasty meals

I have been led to believe that fishing in most parts of the Cariboo Chilcotin is still pretty good.

Column: Volunteers the cog that makes the community go around

Summer is now here and there are so many things happening in our fair city.

Column: Spend time with your dad this weekend

Fathers Day was started by a woman. A lady by the name of Sonora Smart Dodd was inspired by the American Mother’s day celebrations.

Column: Chamber AGM brings forth more than 100 resolutions

Did you know that 56,000 people work in agriculture in B.C.?

Column: Avacado dip perfect for delicious chicken recipe

If I could grow a fruit tree in my garden, I would select an avocado tree.

Column: Rhubarb a great vegetable for making desserts

Mother Nature can be very good and produce sunny, blue skies with a hint of a breeze or it an be downright nasty.

Column: Treat your mom to a tasty dinner this weekend

Mother’s Day is this weekend and I hope you do something nice for your Mom, like cooking her a tasty meal.

Column: Prosciutto-wrapped brie creates chicken delight

If a genie came to me stating I could have one garden wish, I would like the nice beautiful flowers I have in my garden to last longer.