Kay Knox

Writers’ Circle introduces its fifth collected works

Wells Gray Writers’ Circle bravely, nervously, produced its first Collected Works in 2012

Mesmerized by objects that float

On a typically blah November morning, my light hikers took me to Brookfield Creek.

Trekking Tales: Old and new tracks

Often around those areas of major activity I see the design that tells me that it was dinner time for a bird

Trekking Tales: Our wild neighbours

A short-tailed weasel poked itself up on the side of the road from which the chipmunk had come

It’s Friday Morning – So Let’s Hike

We car-pool to Upper Clearwater and stop near the road up to Battle Mt.,

Trekking Tales: The final leg of our B.C. loop

Awaiting us at the Departure Bay ferry terminal in Nanaimo, Greyhound’s bus stop, were two vehicles driven by special relatives

Trekking Tales: A glimpse of northern Vancouver Island

Instead of being at the hostel beside the inlet, as my sister Vera had arranged, we were in the owners’ large home

Trekking Tales: BC Ferry riding for 15 hours

Through Grenville Channel, the mountains towered above, sloping steeply to great depths leaving a narrow passage

Trekking Tales The fun of VIA Rail travel and its idiosyncrasies: Part 2

Diane, our chatty, knowledgeable conductor had realized her captive audience was, well, captivated by all her tales

Trekking Tales The fun of VIA Rail travel and its idiosyncrasies

Day 2 of our three-day train trip from Clearwater to Prince Rupert saw us leaving Jasper around noon

Trekking Tales: All aboard for Jasper

Things were improving quickly and became even better when my brother-in-law discovered empty seats in the dome car

Trekking Tales: The pros and cons of boarding a VIA Rail train in Clearwater

Our train rolled quietly into the station, an hour and 10 minutes late

Book-signing for field guide

Roland Neave signs a copy of the sixth edition of his book, Exploring Wells Gray Park, for Chance Breckenridge

Writers’ Circle holds book launch

Collected Works 2014 contains stories, poems, sketches and photographs by local writers and photographers and artists

Shane Petre wins Rotary Richard prize

Rotary Richard fell into Dutch Lake at 4:01 a.m. on March 22 as the ice melted

Trekking Tales: Balmy winter’s offerings

To our surprise we saw maxi-spray from Dawson Falls. Later we saw why

TrekkingTales: My Grandmother’s Story, slightly edited

In December, 1948 my grandmother came to Brisbane, Australia from Minneapolis (US), where my mother was born, to visit our family

TREKKING TALES: Encounters with wildlife

Captivating, painful, and just plain dumb encounters with wildlife

Trekking Tales: Kindness in Newfoundland, part 2

We learned to relax and let things happen slowly and to soak up the hospitality

Trekking Tales: Kindness in Newfoundland

“Are you lost? Can I help?” he asked. For once we did not need directions.