Kathy McGarrigle

MONEY MATTERS: My top five RRSP tips

Sometimes the RRSP is mistakenly described as an investment product; it is actually an investment plan – make sure you have the best one.

COLUMN: How B.C.’s new HOME loan can help first-time buyers

Ultimately, the more you save on your mortgage, the more money you will have to repay the loan.

Go with a money-smart home renovation

Instead of squeezing everything into one mega-project, determine your priorities and stagger your project over a couple of years, or more.

COLUMN: Going financially green

What money choices can you make to be more Earth friendly?

How to keep cyber crooks at bay

March is Fraud Prevention Month and the goal is to reduce the more than $10 million that Canadians lost to identity thieves in 2015.

What I’ve learned from The Wealthy Barber about financial well-being

'I can't afford it' – the power of four little words.

Start 2016 on the right financial foot

As we kick off the new year, take the time to get the big picture on your personal finances – for success and peace of mind.

Five tips for money-smart entertaining

A few simple steps can keep your holiday finances in check.

Five tips for small business success

British Columbia’s economy owes a lot to the vision and dedication of the thousands of women and men who launch their own businesses.

A new savings opportunity for the new school year

The British Columbia Training and Education Savings Grant gives parents another tool to save for their kids' education.

How to make mortgage shopping less daunting than a flu shot

Navigating the mortgage application process – and the overall responsibilities of home ownership – can be daunting for many.

Let’s make March ‘Open Your RRSP month’

Financial planners share advice for those who don't yet have RRSPs.

Santa’s financial secrets for the holidays

Enjoy the season's festivities without the money stress.

Santa’s secrets to reining in your holiday spending

Here are some financial tips from the holiday elf himself.

Five signs you are ready to purchase a home

A home purchase is a significant investment that requires careful consideration.

Financial Survival 101: Making it through university

With planning and smart decision making, students can earn their educational credits without over-reliance on financial credit.

Take a paidcation this summer

Unless you are in major financial crisis, don't forfeit your hard-earned holiday, because you actually need the time off.

Help your kids save with these four principles

Parents who teach their children about financial issues foster healthy money-management behaviour.

Spring cleaning for your finances

Ensure you're getting the most out of every dollar and every account.

It’s B.C.’s inaugural Privacy and Security Awareness Day

Learn how to protect yourself, your money, and your information from cyber-criminals.