Judie Steeves

Steeves/Trail Mix: Ask questions of candidates

If the issues of conservation of habitat for fish and wildlife concern you then you'd better take this chance to ask candidates questions.

Prevent invasive mussels from infesting Okanagan Lake

U.S. boat inspection trainer warns B.C. to be strict and proactive in preventing the spread of invasive mussels to the valley.

Frost damage not forecast to be significant

Despite a couple of freezing nights, local growers don't expect there'll be much orchard damage.

from Jude’s Kitchen: eats with wine

Celebrate the 19th annual Spring Okanagan Wine Festival by trying some new dishes that use wine.

Vintners share their stories during winefest

The 19th annual Spring Okanagan Wine Festival starts Thursday and wineries around the valley are gearing up to welcome visitors.

Casorsos sell land for creek restoration

The three Casorso sisters sell a portion of theie farm land adjacent to Mission Creek so it can be used for greenway and restoration.

The Future is Back

Tourism, the environment, recreation and education all benefit from a multi-million project to restore the lower reaches of Mission Creek.

Overnight house fires leave 10 homeless

Two house fires at the same time in the early hours of the morning kept Kelowna fire crews hopping overnight.

Delegates eat slowly, but enjoy it

Slow Food enthusiasts savour a feast of nibblies at a heritage organic farm in Lake Country during national convention.

Spring wine festival growing up

As warmer spring weather encourages the first grapevine buds to swell and vintners release the latest vintage,spring winefest begins.

Steeves/Trail Mix: We broke it and now we have to fix it

Natural systems can easily be destroyed, but trying to fix them once we've destroyed them is far more costly than preventing damage.

Lots of snow left to melt and run off

Forecasts are for more than the average amount of snow to run into Okanagan Lake this year, but more from the east than west side.

Steeves/Trail Mix: Celebrate Earth Day

There are lots of ways to celebrate Earth Day Monday, and you can start on the weekend instead of waiting!

Water industry meets in Kelowna

Water professionals from throughout Western Canada will converge on Kelowna in the coming week to learn the latest in the industry.

Cherry council proposal dropped

Instead of a provincial cherry council with mandatory fees, growers have restructured their association, due to opposition to the idea.

Public must add private property to Myra Bellevue park

Few realize that a sensitive wetland and major trails from Myra Bellevue Provincial Park cross a piece of private property within the park.

Food writers gather here

Join food writers from across the country at a workshop later this month.

Wild ravine ravaged by bulldozer

A small ravine in Glenmore slated to become park has been cleared to prevent fire, but neighbours are not impressed with how it was done

Myra Canyon closed to the public

A fall of vehicle-sized rocks onto a trestle bridge in historic Myra Canyon has closed the Trans Canada Trail through there near Kelowna.

Learn the latest about managing wildfire

As part of an international wildfire conference in Kelowna this week, you are invited to learn how best to prevent damage from wildfire.