John McKinley

Winter storm warning lifted for most of southern Vancouver Island

Schools open in Alberni, capital region, closed Campbell River to Cowichan

Man charged after knife waved at 7-Eleven store clerk

Port Alberni's Jared Dallen Stein charged after consecutive robberies

Letter: Town of Ladysmith and Canada Post dropped the ball during snowstorms

The snow removal by the Town of Ladysmith was abysmal, at the very least. The sidewalks, First Ave. and the side streets were barely touched days after the storms. Residents are required to clean their sidewalks by 10 a.m. the following day. What about the town?

Duncan man’s disappearance galvanized Vancouver Island

A look back at the search that tore at the fabric of a young family and close-knit friends

Mid-Vancouver Island air quality risk very high

Residents of the mid-Island area went to bed last night and awoke this morning to smokey skies and a health risk warning considered very high.

ELECTION 2017: Parties look to change B.C.’s ferry system

Tax breaks, freezing fares or ‘wholesale change’ on the table for BC Ferries

Smell triggers petition to move facility

Report on compost operation expected to come before council in September

Estuary a gem known only to a few avid enthusiasts

It’s the lovely, relaxed kind of quiet that allows you to hear the birds call across the marshland…

Transportation key question in plan for Holland Creek

A traffic light in the Dogwood dip and a new road connecting the Colonia Drive neighbourhood to the Davis Road neighbourhood

Island artists attracted to annual arts showcase

For second year, Light up the Night kicks off Arts on the Avenue event downtown

Jury’s out on $15 minimum wage

Whether raising B.C.’s minimum wage to $15 an hour will help fix poverty or suffocate businesses that rely on low-income earners to succeed.

Marmot recovery remarkable, fragile

Sure the Vancouver Island marmot is cute.

Towns have dim view of logging, future

Coastal communities are losing faith in the logging industry that once sustained them.

Vancouver Island is #1

The acclaim may have become routine, but it is never boring

Islanders face high risk of depression

So much for the stereotype of the easy-going laid-back Vancouver Island lifestyle.

Forest industry elicits gloomy response from coastal towns

Coastal communities are losing faith in the logging industry that once sustained them.

New party aims to create Island province

In 1866 the 17-year-old British colony of Vancouver Island officially ceased to exist

Housing prices steady

You’ve undoubtedly heard all about the voracious housing market in metro Vancouver

Health care salaries rise

Almost half of Island Health $2.2-billion budget goes to wages

Hot dogs in parked cars a looming issue

A growing push by Vancouver Island communities aims to give bylaw and animal control officers increased power