Jim Taylor

Taylor: A column all about nothing

There is no such thing as nothing. Because if there was such a thing as nothing, it wouldn’t be nothing, would it?

Taylor: The naked woman on an altar

I’m not bothered by the nudity…I am offended by individuals—male or female—claiming to be God.

Taylor: The long road taken by a word

The original writers might be appalled to see how time and translation have bent their intent.

Taylor: Visibility lifesaver

On winter nights, pedestrians suffer delusions of invulnerability.

Taylor: A time to step forward boldly

When you walk…you lean forward; you start to fall; you swing that second foot forward to stop yourself from falling.

Taylor: Hate letter writers like to cower behind anonymity.

Latest example is a disgusting letter sent to the grandmother of a 13-year-old autistic boy in Ontario.

Taylor: Waiting for a birth

In the Christian church, this is the Season of Advent—a time of waiting for something that hasn’t happened yet.

Taylor: We keep trying to make something out of nothing

We humans can’t not think of something; we can only think of something else.

Taylor: Seeing through another’s eyes

Perhaps, even without being physically conjoined, I could learn to trust others with more of what’s really going on inside me.

Taylor: Pooled ignorance does not add up to wisdom

I have my own definition of hell—editing by committee.

Taylor: Lyrics are ideas that sneak in the backdoor

An old friend doesn't go to church anymore. It’s not the preaching. Or the creeds, or the liturgies. It's the music.

It’s the music.

Taylor: Seeing bigger picture in a tiny fragment

All these people had one thing in common—an ability to look at the part and see the whole.

Taylor: Unexpected glimpse of the gender of God

Suddenly, unexpectedly, I felt warm, comfortable, as if I had been wrapped in loving arms.

Taylor: The challenge of forgiving something unforgivable

The ideal, as I understand the Christian faith in which I was reared, is forgiveness. Is what Shearing did forgivable?

Taylor: Magazine racks offer us a snapshot of the society in which we live

If you haven’t tried it, try looking at a magazine rack as a mirror of our society.

Taylor: Would I go back to my brash, pimply youth?

When I was 21 I was abominably fit, was awarded for outstanding athletic achievements NS had lead roles in the Players’ Club

Taylor: It’s all mine and you can’t touch it

The pristine environment has been whittled away, lot by lot.

Taylor: The cultural filters that shape our religions

The mail brought me two more packages of address labels—free—from various well-meaning charities.

Taylor: Cultural filters that shape our religions

Having spent my first 10 years in India, I’m attracted to some elements of Hinduism, particularly the ideals in the Upanishads.

Taylor: There’s a brief intimacy in shared glances

Do you know the difference between a small town and a big city? It’s in the eyes.