Jim Taylor

Taylor: Swearing off upward mobility

Moving ever upward is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Taylor: Hanging onto imaginary ropes

We’re tied to beliefs with little–or no–foundation.

Taylor: Who owns the stars?

Our place amongst the angels is a matter of interpretation.

Taylor: You don’t have to believe it all

Neither science nor the Bible should remain unquestioned.

Taylor: Back to the old, old story

Jays know how to spread the news just about better than any other way—cheep of beak.

Taylor: The real test of democracy

Democracy’s more about the turfing out the known, bringing in hope for something better.

Taylor: Lessons learned from the lazy goose

Even geese take turns at the front of the formation. At least, biologists say that they do.

Taylor: Like manna from Heaven

“You told us we were escaping from bondage." Now we are all free to get into debt up to our ears.

Taylor: Science and the Bible

Science acknowledges and corrects its errors; believers not so much

Organizers hoping Internet contest can help raise funds for new food bank

Update on plans to build new food bank building as Aviva contest set to open

Taylor: ‘To love, and be loved in return’

I look, sometimes, at unlikely couples. I wonder what she sees in him, what he sees in her.

Taylor: Age old prejudices die hard

Words can create social ghettos, walls are not required.

Taylor: Healing that follows disasters

Boundless ways Earth takes care of herself, even through unnatural disasters

Taylor: Rivers flow down to the sea

Customs intuitively recognize that all rivers ultimately flow to the sea from which all living things originally came.

Taylor: Seeking alternate routes to truth

I suppose I take a scientific approach to religion. I’m not willing to follow blindly in the footsteps of Augustine or…Teilhard de Chardin.

Taylor: The eighth deadly sin

Opposites to classic deadly sins not such great attributes either.

Taylor: Growing at the ends and edges

Like a tree, our growth comes from reaching beyond

Taylor: Truth is a moving target

…the holders of a fragment of truth become so fixated on what they are absolutely sure of that they lose sight of the horizon.

Taylor: Yes, we believe in yesterday

In some ways, my student years were the best years of my life. But I wouldn’t want to go back to that time.

Taylor: Keeping it in the family

The line would make a great rapid transit link between Vernon and Kelowna. It would make an even better recreation trail.