Jim McGregor

McGregor Says: Time to be born again

Why isn't Easter on the same weekend each year?It seems that in…

McGregor Says: Paving the Fraser Valley

The recent pre-election announcement that Highway 1 will be widened to six…

McGregor Says: Sometimes you have to leave home

Langley Author Warren Sommer will be launching his new book, Canucks in Khaki on April 9 at St. George's Church in Fort Langley at 1:30 p.m

McGregor Says: Always room for a visitor at the firehall

Disappearance of the old Milner fire hall building stirs up memories for a retired fire chief

McGregor Says: Social media isn’t very social

I’ve learned that there are a few things we should think twice…

McGregor Says: Looking back at life on the Prairies

The stories he heard growing up always include hardship, but never talk of giving up, says our columnist, Jim McGregor

McGregor Says: Reflections from the waiting room

Pick up a magazine and wait, suggests our columnist. 'That's why it's called a waiting room'

McGregor Says: Looking back on the age of innocence

These were simpler times, when a couple of kids could sit with rifles across their laps as a royal entourage passed by

McGregor Says: Talking consumer regulations and practices

I was disturbed by a notice I saw the other day that…

McGregor Says: Finding will power in the new year

Replacing 'I should' with 'I will' is a good place to start, says our columnist

McGregor Says: Getting ready for the season

People who panicked about lack of road salt are the same ones who try to buy fans in August, says our columnist

McGregor Says: Back to the future

Our columnist looks ahead to the coming year and sees no point in getting ahead of himself

McGregor Says: One tiny second makes a big difference

The addition on New Year's Eve of one second to the world's atomic clock explains a lot, says our columnist, Jim McGregor

McGregor Says: Optimistic for the New Year

Looking ahead at 2017, our columnist, Jim McGregor, wonders why we don't appreciate the dawn of every new day like we do January 1

McGregor Says: Making memories of Christmas

Dave made the driveway grade up to the road, shifted down and…

McGregor Says: Snow brings different perspectives

Our columnist's response to snow is far different now than it was during his days as an emergency services worker

McGregor Says: Shopping for seniors at Christmas

It is now December, so I can start writing about Christmas. There…

McGregor Says: When the night is not so young anymore

I looked at my watch as I got into the car, it…

McGregor Says: A toast to the morning routine

My toaster is not working properly.The inside elements are not coming on…

McGregor Says: Going to visit Grandpa’s friends

Her delicate youth stood out on this cold grey November morning.The crowd…