Jim Cooperman

Quest for historical images

Sourcing historical photos for my book Everything Shuswap has been every bit as challenging as capturing new images

Splatsin centre opens with celebration

Peace, harmony and goodwill are integral to the holiday season and these ideals are also part of the spirit

Anglemont: a Shuswap success

A hillside community nearly at the end of the paved highway in the North Shuswap, Anglemont is somewhat of an enigma

More places to explore in the Shuswap

Over the last few weeks, I have been visiting various locations in order to capture more images needed for my book

Chronicling Shuswap’s astounding diversity

After over ten years of research and writing, my book Everything Shuswap goes into production this week

Shuswap lakeside living at its best

In its early days, Magna Bay was a thriving settlement where the first wave of “back-to-the-land” settlers eked out a living

Celista cultural centre of North Shuswap

Since Scotch Creek is deemed the commercial centre of the North Shuswap, then it would be best to describe Celista as the cultural centre

Protecting our rivers

Environmentally conscious Shuswap River residents have been advocating for improved boating regulations since 1994

Tip of the melting iceberg

Early in the spring, an expert on the radio explained how this summer would resemble what the near future will be like due to climate change

Life’s a beach during Shuswap summers

The T-shirt motto, “Life’s a Beach” applies to a Shuswap summer, when residents and tourists alike flock to the shores of Shuswap Lake

Once part of the gold rush

If Scotch Creek, the North Shuswap’s largest community and commercial centre was ever to adopt a theme, a good choice would be the gold rush

Gateway to the North Shuswap

The North Shuswap, like many other areas of the Shuswap, has seen major changes since settlement

All About the Shuswap

Local environmentalist and historian Jim Cooperman's book, Everything Shuswap, was born of 10 years of his columns.

The Secwepemc use of wild plants

With balsamroot sunflowers now blooming on hillsides throughout the Shuswap, it is a good time to reflect on the use of these plants

A community enhanced by tourism

There has always been a significant community on the north side of Little River, as evidenced by the many kekuli pit house depressions

Taking a hike on the Tplaqin Trail

It has been 20 years since I last hiked to the top of the Enderby Cliffs, so it was a real treat for us to make the climb recently

The last one-room school at Brennan Creek

Continuing the community tour, we head to Shuswap’s second northernmost community of Brennan Creek on Adams Lake

Watershed protection must move forward

The current debate about how to fund the ongoing work of the Shuswap Watershed Council is almost too painful to observe.

A closer look at poverty

In addition to the fact that the “trickle down” effect from the bulging one percent economic theory does not work…

Assessing the impact of increasing inequality

Listening to these so-called experts was so irritating it prompted me to do some research and write this column