Jim Cessford

COLUMN: Lax U.S. gun laws spill over into Canada

Our future is bright, but I’m not sure about our neighbours to the south.

COLUMN: True leadership is more than a title

In these early days, our prime minister has inspired us with his vision of what it means to be Canadian.

COLUMN: Never tolerate domestic violence

Abuse has a staggering emotional impact on all members of a family exposed to it.

COLUMN: Murder, guns and mental health

Tragedies can be avoided and it is important we are ever vigilant in identifying signs of crisis in our friends and families.

COLUMN: Connection with community is crucial

The only way to discourage criminal activity is to close the gap between the police and the community.

COLUMN: Celebrate our young role models

The majority of our youth make positive contributions to their communities.

COLUMN: ‘He’ needs to be the change in the world

We, as men, must be leaders in changing attitudes towards violence against women.

COLUMN: We must take care of our seniors

'Adopt-a-Grand-Friend' is one initiative created by the Delta Police Department.

COLUMN: We must care for our first responders

Sadly, police officers often choose to take their own lives after experiencing trauma on the job.

COLUMN: Good policing is about relationships

Delta Police relies on strong community partnerships

COLUMN: Social media builds trust with police

We now have the capacity to push out real-time, factual information.

COLUMN: When it comes to youth, real assets don’t mean more stuff

Good parenting means spending less money and more time. This means being a role model and living the life you want your child to live.

COLUMN: Have your say in the future of Delta Police

Public input sought for new plan for 2014 and onwards.

COLUMN: Helping build bright futures for youth

School liaison officers are an important aspect of policing.

COLUMN: Parenting is not a popularity contest

What may come as a surprise to some parents is that kids don’t just need rules and expectations, they want them as well.

COLUMN: Delta police reach out to those with mental illness

Police are seeing a drastic increase in calls for service where mental health and addiction issues are the underlying problem.