James Murray

Gauging position of political parties

With the federal election looming, I have been giving considerable thought to where the different political parties stand

Common courtesy goes a long way

This was going to be the winter that I try ice fishing. The weather, however, did not co-operate

Government between rock and hard place

In last week’s column, I discussed some of the facts regarding the B.C. government’s planned cull of 184 grey wolves

Wolf cull won’t resolve caribou mortality

The BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations announced that they were initiating a cull

Need for change in government attitude

We elect our federal government to make reasonably sound decisions on our behalf and to implement policies that reflect the wishes

Screen time fosters longing for outdoors

When I got home last night from work I noticed there had been a power outage

Face each new day with anticipation

How often have I stood and cast my line to the unknown – to some momentary flash of silver in the waters off to the corner of my eye

Dinner makes up for dashed expectations

There is a wonderful, childlike sense of anticipation connected to Christmas

Just trying to get through the rest of winter

Six long months of freezing cold temperatures, drifting snow and bleak grey skies

Suggestions for those panning for gift ideas

The Christmas season is upon us, which means carols on the radio, two inches of fliers stuffed into each and every newspaper…

Geared for ice fishing, when it warms up

Some time over the course of last winter I got it into my head that I wanted to go ice fishing

Former fisheries officer pens insightful read

Author and retired fisheries officer Randy Nelson spent the better part of 35 years chasing and, more often than not, catching poachers

Time has a way of changing everything

There was a time when I would have been annoyed at having to wait for a train to pass

What to look for when buying binoculars

The other day I bumped into a friend at a local department store who was in the process of deciding on which pair of binoculars to buy

Some habits reflect the individual

We are governed by a desire for things to remain the same – in spite of the inevitability of change.

Fly tying doesn’t have to cost a lot

Even though November is still a few days away, it already feels like November. It has for a couple of weeks now

Tips for taking pictures of salmon

There are salmon in the Adams River… lots and lots of bright red sockeye salmon

Tips for taking pictures of salmon

There are salmon in the Adams River… lots and lots of bright red sockeye salmon

Government not yet off the hook

This year’s Fraser River sockeye salmon run has been estimated to be anywhere from 7.3 million fish to as high as 72.5 million

In fishing there’s always next time

It was rainy, it was cold, the river bank was no place for a 65 year old.