Jack Emberly

Pointing finger won’t change things

At the Maple Ridge district meeting on pedestrian safety in November, I urged a push button light at 210th Street.

Morse Creek gets straight A’s

This pretty little brook makes the grade for the Alouette River Management Society’s Adopt a Creek Program.

B.C. is open for work around streams

“No person shall carry on any work or undertaking that results in harmful alteration, disruption, or destruction of fish habitat."

Two plump mice and Swiss cheese

Canada has become a country of thin mice who believe consultation is part of democratic decision making.

Hard to see humour in oil Gateway pipeline

An off-the wall joke, some absurd humour, can shine critical light on injustice, greed, stupidity.

Why are things the way they are?

Oosha Ramsoondar wants to change the direction society takes as financial strains are placed health, education, and the environment.

Hearing the call of the birds, and counting them

The Alouette Field Naturalists conducted their 39th annual December bird count.

Need a cracker, or just want one?

Jack Emberly is a retired teacher, local author and environmentalist.

Getting out the homeless vote

The homeless can vote if they call a shelter such as the Caring Place their residence

It helps to know about kleptocracy

To understand what Occupy Vancouver at the art gallery was about, you had to read the banners, and talk to the people beneath them.

Cuckooing over push-button light

The District of Maple Ridge says it wants to make roads safer…

The quality of mercy

There’s good news and bad news in our town along the Fraser.The…

Vacation of slipping into the moment

“The present moment holds the key to liberation,” says spiritual guru, Eckhart…

Who do politicians today look up to?

A groundhog prepared a feast while most folk struggled to keep body…

Frogs settle down when darkness falls

Every step we take upon You should be done in a sacred…

Salmon crusader grades politicians

See which of our candidates get a A, B or C

It’s what makes Gerry Pinel smile

It’s Wednesday morning in the ‘ghetto’ a section of downtown Maple Ridge,…

It’s the quality of your relationships

I read recently that five words can change your life: the quality…

Getting to Grenada the hardest part

Sunshine, a change of pace. When my friend Bruce suggested a two-week…