Jack Emberly

Saving slough getting support

Many local citizens have since been inspired by Scot Magri's determination to restore the Katzie Slough.

Natural world belongs to public

Private consultants earlier warned that building the dam up instead of out was dangerous.

Trustee criticism gets support

We need trustees with the guts to go to the wall for public education, even if it means offending their task masters in Victoria.

Along the Fraser: Liberals don’t like public education

Teachers bargaining for a system that produces future scientists, doctors, lawyers

Good deed keeping streams clean

When you watch salmon fry dart through pools you want to perform a good deed.

Don’t cut off your nose to spite face

Closing the stop would have made life harder on truckers.

Who’s taking care of the truckers?

The Ministry of Transportation has threatened to close the rest stop on Lougheed Highway.

Lucky mole escaped trap, gas stick

How to “win the battle” against labouring coast moles.

Deceit is the key to propaganda

There are 1,400 fewer special education specialists since 2002.

Clap-o-meter needed to be heard

Today, government decisions don’t reflect our will as well as a clap-o-meter.

Diverting discussion from slash pile

John Kelly says the Crown Corporation deserved praise for right-of-way clearing practices in the 1980s and 1990s.

Plan hatched to restore Katzie Slough

Scott Magri’s favorite spot was a quiet, shaded pool at the foot of Hammond Road.

When a river isn’t really a river at all

The failure of upper levels of government to take responsibility for streams makes local action imperative.

Dr. Fernandes all about family

Funeral services for the Maple Ridge physician were packed, writes columnist Jack Emerberly

Youth prominent at 2013 GETI Fest

“Youth in our Community” celebrates youth contributions, encourages more to help shape a self-reliant town less dependent on fossil fuels.

Youth prominent at 2013 GETI Fest

A weekly column by Jack Emberly, a retired teacher, local author and environmentalist from Maple Ridge.

Nature will be your life-long friend

Moments alone beside a stream also offers enlightenment and peace to anyone who honours the instinct to revere nature

Break on through to the other side

I needed 32 square feet of vapour seal for a wall that was bare for years. I couldn’t buy a small amount.

When the Pitt ditch cells are all full

A column by Jack Emberly published weekly in the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows News

Our rights to respect and protection

Safety is an issue when answers are near impossible to come by from those in charge