Jack Emberly

Along the Fraser: Better place to live with empathy

At Christmas time, “active listening” – the term Adler gave this form of communication – could be the best present someone ever got.

Along the Fraser: It’s time to revisit manners

I’m driving west on Lougheed Highway towards Harris Road in Pitt Meadows, checking mirrors for vehicles closing in quickly, even though ...

Along the Fraser: Giving notice about housing

The NDP’s father of medicare was the voter’s overwhelming choice for premier of Saskatchewan in 1944.

Along the Fraser: Efforts to improve the slough

The event was the second of two garbage clean-ups this year inspired by Scott Magri, of the Katzie Slough Restoration Project.

Along the Fraser: Exercising their right to vote

Everyone who votes in federal elections must show ID and proof of residence.

Along the Fraser: Voting where a resident returns

Why I accepted the role of community relations worker for the homeless.

Along the Fraser: Horse gentling in the Cariboo

Traditionally, Step 1 was to make a horse submit to a saddle by riding him until he quit bucking.

Along the Fraser: The time the power went out

For me, the blackout was an inconvenience. For others, it was scary, and costly.

Maple Ridge gets in transition

Transition Movement numbers over 400 independent affiliates world-wide, including the Golden Ears Transition.

Along the Fraser: Opposition to blind progress

“Impossible to believe anybody who thinks there won’t be an incident,” if oil tankers sail on coast.

Helping Mother Nature heal

Pitt Meadows initiated a similar process for “unslightly materials” on farmland along Katzie Slough.

Slough was Katzie’s highway

“Paddle a mile in a canoe and you’re already a child of nature.” – Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

We have to house the homeless

Fires and people shooting up aren’t good for business.

Putting a hole in community

Changes in federal funding now exclude emergency shelters that counsel children despite their effectiveness.

Who I met on Burnaby Mountain

I wanted to hear the stories of people on TV who looked like our neighbours

What’s going on in Coho Creek?

Black eggs in spawning salmon are “not normal but not abnormal” – DFO fish health vet, Chris MacWilliams.

Fish dying without spawning

Pink and orange are normal colors for ripe eggs inside female salmon.

Abandonment of small streams

DFO diligently monitored “smaller stocks,” recorded the numbers for each species, and noted factors that weakened the resource.

Salmon, sturgeon all around us

Trek to spawning streams, Part 2: salmon, sturgeons, and sasquatches.

Old cars and our mortality

Anthropomorphists give inanimate objects names, ascribe personalities to them, and confide in them like friends.