Jack Emberly

Along the Fraser: Where do these sons stand on fish?

Today, farmers are no longer restrained by words prohibiting “the destruction or disturbance of habitat.”

Along the Fraser: The misdeed in my backyard

It's no longer a case of getting out the chainsaw to keep yard orderly

Along the Fraser: Start of responsible social action

'We believe in compassionate communities.'

Along the Fraser: Put that down, that’s my job

Everyone needs a place and a need to contribute and useful

Along the Fraser: Feeling the support of others

'These kids can’t access our food bank or shelters because of age restrictions.'

Along the Fraser: Romeo put fisheries habitat first

If we give the fish a place to live, we can have a better place for man to live – Romeo LeBlanc, minister of fisheries, 1977.

Opinion: Proposal to move Maple Creek

Jack Emberly talks about the Department of Fisheries and Oceans recent approval of an alteration of a productive salmon stream.

Column: Ingenious; inventive if needed

The pros and cons of human ingenuity and the stories it has inspired.

Along the Fraser: Pay attention to what isn’t said

ICBC ranks the Lougheed Hwy. and Haney Bypass (both provincial jurisdiction) among B.C.’s 12 deadliest roadways.

Along the Fraser: A vast and brooding wilderness

Adventure, and larger-than-life characters have attracted thousands here.

Along the Fraser: It’s time to open the floodgates

McKechnie floodgate guards adjacent farmland against flooding.

Study offers hope for Katzie Slough

Modern gates that open with tides like one at Spencer Creek in Maple Ridge are replacing unfriendly ones.

Along the Fraser: Waiting for the eggs to hatch

Big Buddy seemed upset and confused when he called the first time.

Along the Fraser: Encounters with bears, go figure

Bear mothers are loving teachers of their young cubs

Along the Fraser: Willing to listen on environment

Next meeting of new task force will give fledgling group a name.

Along the Fraser: Plight of Alouette salmon fry

Store owner Randy Morgan posted the notice after Alouette River fishermen told him of stranded fish.

Along the Fraser: Rollin’ coal must be stopped

Where diesel truck owners rev their engines to full power in order to spew thick, black smoke from their exhausts …

Along the Fraser: Riding along with my angel

More than once, my angel knew something was wrong with my car.

Along the Fraser: Saving a marsh for salmon fry

Ditch digger along highway is creating a new home for young coho, chinook

Here’s to getting it right in ’16

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” – Oprah Winfrey.