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Getting through post-secondary with less debt

Students face many challenges but two stand out — achieving that precious diploma or degree and doing it without a crushing debt load

Wedding dreams must meet fiscal responsibillity

Love may be in the air but sooner or later someone has to pay the bills

Life insurance is too complex to buy online

Getting it right demands a face-to-face discussion with a professional adviser with the knowledge and time to understand your specific needs

Paying for your child or grandchild’s school the smart way

You now have some decisions to make about the Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) you've so faithfully contributed to through the years

Financial planning for after your wedding day

Money is always one of the most challenging aspects of a relationship, especially if you're about to become part of a blended family

Important insurance options in case of death, disability or illness

If an accident or illness, a disability or even death claimed one of the unique and irreplaceable people in your life, what would you do?

Saving for the fun things in life

There are things you need to pay for, like your home and car, and there are things you may want to pay for like a cottage or boat...

Unlocking the equity in your home, three popular strategies

You may be at a point in your life where you're looking to unlock the equity you've built in your home over the years...

What to consider when applying for a mortgage

What's best — a fixed rate or a variable mortgage? There is no single right answer to this question...

How to take the bite out of your taxes with tax credits

With the right strategies it might be possible to reduce your tax bite to a tax nibble. Take advantage of every tax credit available to you

Helpful tips on what to do with your tax refund

What are you going to do with your tax refund? You could spend it but then, it would just be ... gone. Here's some handy tips.

It’s tax time — here are some tips to save the most on your taxes

Tax credit tips for everyone including children, students and grandparents

People may not like to plan for their death but it’s important — here’s how

Estate planning is important to ensure our family is protected and to limit the taxes levied against our estate

Tax refunds not all they’re cracked up to be

Tax refunds great when they come back, but not for long-term financial health, says Comox Valley Record columnist

Investment strategies based on changes in your life

A 'set it and forget it' investment strategy won't work for you because the only thing constant in life is change

How to deal with life’s UPsets by creating a cash cushion

Gas prices, electrical costs and heating bills are all up. UPsets like this can cripple your cash flow, so how do you save to prepare

Canadian Pension Plan changes and what they mean for you

These changes, and your personal circumstances, could mean that you should rethink when to begin receiving your CPP pension

The benefits of a Tax Free Savings Account

A TFSA is a worthwhile investment option for almost every income because it works so well for both short- and long-term financial goals

Why you might need a line of credit

The benefits and drawbacks of having a line of credt

Plan for a fun retirement

What does it take to make your retirement dreams come true?