Hugh Neave

Anyone have old pictures of hauling lumber over the ice?

Here we are over half way through January. A good feeling to have the days a bit longer.

Is someone missing a nice box of baby stuff?

As the old saying goes time flies and so far this month it’s doing just that.

A brand new year with my news back in line

Here I am once more trying to get my news back in line, my old machine is toast.

Sorry, short and sweet this week

On Wednesday evening we were treated to such a delightful evening entertainments with the highland dancers.

Don’t get caught by fraud or scam phone calls

Just been listening to the news on t.v. some good and some not so good.

Dedicated people make our Remembrance Day special

As I was unable to attend the Remembrance Day celebration I was given a report of this very special day from a good friend.

Self driving trucks? What are we in store for?

To start out my news with good news and really good news.

Turning our clocks back & forth is a pain in the neck

I am a bit short of time this week so my news maybe a bit shorter than usual.

Great week of entertainment and friends visiting

I guess I had better get busy as another week is starting. The older I get the faster they come or it seems that way.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time and memory for me

Thanksgiving Day, a day when we can be grateful for the good things we have when we see and hear what’s going on in the rest of the world.

We can’t keep hunting moose like we do

One thing I do know and that’s fall is upon us. It’s my favorite time of the seasons.

I delivered a baby or two in my time as a taxi driver

What lovely weather we have had so far this fall. Cold nights and nice warm days.

Fresh clean water is a precious commodity

Here we are starting out with such a nice bright and clear morning.

Way to go to the organizers of Terry Fox run

The Terry Fox run for cancer was last Sunday and as per usual it was a day to be remembered.

Boy… September is a busy month so far

The Lakes District Fall Fair and Music Festival is behind us but what a fair and festival it turned out to be.

Our fall fair has passed and now the Terry Fox run

Here we go starting another week and it’s feeling a bit like fall is sneaking up on us a little too soon for me

Thanks to everyone who came to my birthday

A wonderful birthday supper was held for me on Saturday night at the home of Rick and Marie Hunter on August 23 with family and fiends.

Church in the park was a wonderful time to see friends

Before we know it school will be back into full swing.

A wonderful wedding as two families join

On Sunday last the Tweedsmuir House folks had the Grassy Plains church gospel singers drop in for a hymn sing.

Francois Lake is warm enough to swim in this year

It’s good news to have my old type writing machine working again. It’s like me, it’s hard to get parts anymore.