Heather Allen

100-MILE BOOK CLUB: South Okanagan reader recommendations

In the past few months, here’s what you had to say about some of your favorite reads.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: Rowling pens a decent crime novel for adults

Penticton books columnist reviews JK Rowling's new crime novel, The Cuckoo’s Calling.

100-MILE BOOK CLUB: Walk on the wildside with South Okanagan authors

Meadownlark Festival tour with author Richard Cannings takes participants on Challenge Penticton eco-tour.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: Sorrow in intriguing memoir

Book review - thankfully, Nocturne is more than an accounting of personal grief.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: Top read sends chills on the hottest of summer days

Horror, murder mystery and fantasy seem to be the reading stuff of summer.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: Heat up your summer reading with Inferno

Brown is prone to cliché and sloppy writing, but at the right moment, he also hits the spot.

100-MILE BOOK CLUB: Queen’s Park a HUB for summer reading

Penticton teacher opens summer library out of Queen's Park Elementary for students.

Sedaris rides the edge of humour

Heather Allen takes a look at David Sedaris' latest book, Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: Books to get you back on the road to running

Penticton book columnist examines athletic pursuits in Born To Run and Wherever I Wind Up.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: Celebrated author hosting writing workshop in Penticton

Richard Wagamese, currently one of Canada’s most prominent writers, is coming to Penticton. And not just for a short stopover.

South Okanagan author stirs readers’ passions

Penticton writer and reader Heather Allen discusses Okanagan Reads book Shoot! written by George Bowering.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: The Purchase a good buy

Penticton book reviewer reads one of the nominees for best book of the year, The Purchase by Linda Spalding.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: Antidote for a happy new year

Book columnist Heather Allen, who lives in Penticton, finds new goal in The Antidote: Happiness for People who can't Stand Positive.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: Fingers do the walking through these pages

Penticton book reviewer Heather Allen explores The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.

100-MILE BOOK CLUB: South Okanagan writer gives crushing perspective on wine industry

Heather Allen writes about Oliver author Jeannette Montgomery.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: Swedish humour provides a quirky, fun read

Book reviewer Heather Allen, from Penticton, finds compelling read in The 100-year-old Man who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: JK Rowling for the grown-ups

Book columnist Heather Allen, from Penticton, checks out JK Rowling's newest offering The Casual Vacancy.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: Don’t veer from The Swerve

Penticton reader and writer Heather Allen reviews The Swerve: How the World Became Modern.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: Genova not to be neglected

Book columnist Heather Allen from Penticton looks at the work of Lisa Genova.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: Wild is a beautiful tale 20 years in the making

Heather Allen is a writer and reader in Penticton and is reviewing Wild by Cheryl Strayed.