Heather Allen

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: Golden Son offers perspective, heavy-handedness

Heather Allen explores the differences at each end of the India's caste system in Golden Son.

ALLEN: Fishbowl a quirky and fantastic read

Heather Allen reviews Fishbowl, written by Calgary author Bradley Somer.

Canine intelligence experienced in Toronto

Apollo and Hermes give the gift of intelligence to 15 dogs. The selected canines wake up in a veterinary clinic feeling suddenly changed

100 Mile Book Club: Living With Death

Looking for a book club? The Penticton Public Library hosts monthly meetings, with the next taking place on Oct. 26th from 1 - 2:30 p.m.

Adventurous coming-of-age tale delivered by deWitt

Undermajordomo Minor is part love story, part adventure, and part black comedy – feeling much like what you’d get if Wes Anderson fairytale

Malala’s triumph against extremism

Heather Allen's Armchair Column book review: I am Malala

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: Rollicking tale in Day Four

Heather Allen explores Day Four, a new novel by South African author, Sarah Lotz, which may not be great to read before a cruise.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: Blume at her very best with In the Unlikely Event

In the winter of 1952, three planes crashed in a span of three months over Elizabeth, a suburban city near Newark Airport.

COLUMN: Revisiting the classics

I wanted my eldest daughter to fully experience summer reading – a time for both light beach reads and revisiting classics.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: Shedding some light

Book reviewer Heather Allen digs into Beth Powning's novel, A Measure of Light.

Ups and downs of family life

Pulitzer-prize winning novelist Anne Tyler has always liked to write about what, at first glance, seems ordinary.

Book Club: Taking a walk changes everything

Heather Allen reviews Dan Rubinstein's new book, Born to Walk: The Transformative Power of a Pedestrian Act.

Armchair Book Club: The Geography of Hope and The Leap by Chris Turner

Columnist Heather Allen reviews the latest books by Chris Turner, who is the keynote speaker at this year's Meadowlark Festival.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: Craft brewery explosion

It’s not always easy being a beer drinker in the heart of Okanagan wine country.


Heather Allen explores the lessons of George Dawson's Life is So Good.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: The Jaguar’s Children

Heather Allen explores The Jaguar's Children, the story of two Mexican migrants getting smuggled across the border.

100-Mile BOOK CLUB: Writing doesn’t have to be a solo adventure

Book reviewer Heather Allen explores local writing classes to help take those first steps.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: Exploring Strange New Things

Heather Allen explores Michael Faber’s The Book of Strange New Things in this week's Armchair Book Club.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: More for fans of Downton Abbey

Heather Allen explores some good reads for fans of the BBC series Downton Abbey.

ARMCHAIR BOOK CLUB: Discovering Sweetland

Heather Allen explores one of her favourite books of 2014.