Gary Davidson

Southern flycatchers flashier than northern relatives

There are many differences between the birds of tropical and subtropical regions, and those of more temperate places like B.C.

Northern birds and birders flock south to Texas for winter

Once again, Marie and I have retreated to south Texas for the winter. In addition to the warm weather and good golf, there are the birds.

Rare birds sighted during cusp of new year

Short-eared Owls breed in grassland or marshy areas, something we have very little of.

Birding enthusiasts join 113th annual Christmas Bird Count

The Christmas Bird Count is a project of the National Audubon Society in the U.S. and is coordinated in Canada by Bird Studies Canada.

Swans of two feathers flock to Kootenay

Last Friday morning, November 2, I saw two swans on the lake at Burton but they were too far away from me to identify.

Birds of Nakusp visits Oregon coast seabirds

While in Oregon recently, I went on a boat trip to look for seabirds, a large group of birds that is unfamiliar to most people.

Swift recognition slow for most

There is a family of birds found throughout the world that is not well known to most casual observers. They are the swifts.

Ospreys numbers falling prey to high water?

For the last 18 years I have been systematically monitoring the Osprey nests between Nakusp and Fauquier.

Shorebirds now busily shoring up for winter

As the name suggests, these birds spend most of their time at the water’s edge either feeding in the shallow water or on the adjacent shore.

Owls a rarity, but can be found around Nakusp

A couple of weeks ago, I was told about a family of owls living just on the north edge of Nakusp.

Birds of Nakusp plumbs the shoreline

The Arrow Lakes Valley is normally quite poor for shorebirds and will never challenge Salmon Arm.

White-crowned Sparrows flock to Nakusp, for now

During the last couple of weeks, a large number of White-crowned Sparrows have been moving through Southern B.C.

Welcoming the latest wave of Spring migrants

Spring migration – I have been reminded recently just what an amazing spectacle this is!

Swallows herald the beginning of Spring

Every year at this time many species of birds that flew south for the winter begin to return.

Colourful southern cousins make for a birding treat

The Birds of Nakusp is brought to you from Costa Rica this week.

Your compost may be another bird’s preferred repast

This winter continues to produce some unusual species.

Record number of species spotted on Christmas Bird Count

In our region there were three counts: in Fauquier, Nakusp and New Denver. Here a few of the highlights.

Where the birds are this winter

Gary Davidson went for a walk around Nakusp last week and found a few surprises.

Davidson returns to Nakusp with hundreds of birding feathers in his cap

I saw a total of almost 450 species in twenty days in Peru. In 40 years of birding in Canada I have seen only 408!

Gary’s humdingers of Peru

In B.C. we have four regularly occurring species, in Peru alone they have over 120 species of hummingbirds.