Gary Davidson

Birds of Nakusp

This week's edition focuses on the variety of falcons that live in British Columbia.

Birds of Nakusp

This week Gary Davidson discusses the Blue Heron and its decline in the Columbia Basin in recent years.

Birds of Nakusp

From Panama to Nakusp: Chickadees, sparrows and ducks. Oh my!

Birds of Nakusp

Gary Davidson discusses his final days in Panama and the birds he's seen on his trip.

Birds of Nakusp

With two weeks to go, Gary Davidson reflects on his visit to Panama.

Birds of Nakusp

Week three in Panama and the Davidsons are having a blast with birding.

Birds of Nakusp

Checking out bird life in a slightly different location...


The Hammond’s is a bird of the coniferous forest and is, therefore, the most common empid in our region.


There are six species of Hummingbirds in Canada, four of which have been reported in our region.

Birds of Nakusp: What are those white birds flying along the lake?

Geese and swans are the most common white birds seen flying along the Arrow Lakes, but pelicans come through occasionally too.

Birds of Nakusp – the Spotted Towhee

The Spotted Towhee has a striking appearance, but it is rarely seen around Nakusp.

Birds down under — the fairywrens of Australia

Gary Davidson writes about the fairywrens of Australia.

Magnets and the mystery of migration

How do migrating birds travelling thousands of kilometres find their way?

Time may be ticking on the migration clock

How do birds know when it’s time to migrate? There seems to be no single or simple answer to this question.

Birds have their reasons to migrate south during winter too

Why do birds migrate instead of remaining in one suitably warm place all year long?

Osprey numbers in decline this year according to count

For the last 19 years Gary Davidson have been systematically monitoring the Osprey nests between Nakusp and Fauquier.

Watching waxwings provides valuable research data

Waxwings are so named because of the small red tips to the wing feathers that resemble a bit of wax stuck to the end of the feather.

Nakusp birder spends last days on Texas coast

Our journey through Texas and the search for migrants has ended – we are now on our way home through the mid-western United States.

Northern winds bring bird heaven to Texas

April is “migration month” in Texas and the birding can, at times, be quite remarkable.

Spotting members of heron family wading through Texas

Gary Davidson looks at the northern and southern members of the heron family.