Fred Elford

The Human Side: More lessons from the Bonsai

Patience, as taught by bonsai trees, requires an ever-expanding view of time and the world.

The Human Side: Creative problem solving

The “old ways” didn’t work any longer, and they didn’t know what to do.

The Human Side: Foresight versus afterthought

Human beings have had a long time to figure out the rules by which the world — and the universe in which it goes around — works.

The Human Side: Bonsai tree wisdom at its best

I found myself always afraid that I would make an error and the tree would reflect that mistake.

The Human Side: From Russia, with love

At a time when every value of their society was being questioned, we were there to teach “better” ways.

The Human Side of Communication: Getting past the barriers to communication

Communication is difficult. There are too many uncertainties, and many are barriers we don’t recognize.

The Human Side of Communication: Overcoming the challenges of communication

The fact that humans have had difficulty with communication has been obvious throughout time.