Liz Twan

Rough stock in fine form at Esk’et Rodeo

Two days of beautiful, sunny weather in Alkali Lake, plus a super venue, combined for a great Esk’et BCRA Rodeo.

Pretty in pink

Youngster enjoys the Peewee Barrel Racing at the Esk'et Rodeo last weekend.

Improvements made to Esk’et Rodeo grounds

Improvements made to the Esk'et rodeo grounds helped to draw competitors to last weekend's BCRA rodeo from around the province.

Locals win some/lose some at Eskèt Rodeo

The Eskèt Rodeo held this past weekend at Alkali Lake was the latest stop on the BCRA circuit.

Taking stock

BC Livestock Co-op Stockyards in Williams Lake serves as a venue for regularly scheduled sales.

Rancher chosen for leadership program

The Cariboo Cattlemen’s Association held their annual general meeting on Friday Feb. 27.

It looks good

From this vantage point this steer wrestling run looks like money-in-the-bank for 150 Mile House steer wrestler Mike Hurst.

Woodjam Ranch takes Ranch Challenge

The smiles on the ladies’ faces tell the story during the Williams Lake Stampede Ranch Challenge.

Chefs enjoying advancements in technology

Lately, I feel like I am swimming against the tide and no matter how hard I paddle each day, shore still appears to be a mirage.

Enjoying the intangibles of every day life

There are a couple of things in life that are, inevitably, unavoidable.

Springtime on the ranch a privilege to witness

Thursday was officially the first day of spring! A few signs of which have been visible for a while.

Optimism shown at Cariboo Cattlemen’s Association AGM

Even though it is the shortest month on the calendar February can often seem very much the lengthiest on Cariboo cattle establishments.

Winter calving a stressful time for ranchers

Wow, where did January disappear to? Weather-wise it was darn decent, compared to more easterly sections of our great nation.

Upcoming agricultural seminars, events to keep an eye on

Just so you know, it hurt to write this. For the past several months I've had an aching computer arm.

Relaxing time is here

Ding-dong, the witch is dead and the men of the house can truly relax and enjoy the rest of the holiday season ...

Christmas day quickly creeping up on us

Christmas Day is fast approaching and columnist Liz Twan is trying not to sweat the small stuff.

Ranch-based reality series could be barn burner

A fair amount of drama occurs naturally (spontaneously) in a year-in-the-life of anyone involved daily with the production of livestock.

Proposed water act unfriendly

Brrrrr, the worm has turned and the normal variety of Cariboo fall weather has finally appeared.

Summer moves on and mice move in

Ah, ranch life, at this time of the year we are box-seat holders in Mother Nature’s Opera House.

River Ranch wins Harvest Ranch Challenge

Showing off their shiny new trophy buckles are the River Ranch team, the winners of the 2013 Harvest Fair Ranch Rodeo.