Wendy Coomber

Flood applications available for residents and businesses

The Cache Creek Flood Relief Committee is calling for applications to help reimburse flood victims for flood damages.

Crowds welcome back HVC mine’s Open House

Highland Valley Copper mine put out the welcome mat on BC Day and the public came in droves.

Group to be formed to distribute donations

Cache Creek Council is collecting names for a committee that will disperse disaster donations.

Police Report – B&E at the drugstore

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment

No Ashcroft Tourist Booth this year

Moving the tourist info booth is apparently harder than it looks.

The fundraising is far from over

It's going to take more than just good wishes to rebuild for many of the Cache Creek flood victims.

Politicians wade into the floodwaters

MLA Jackie Tegart and former MLA Harry Lali on the flood and disaster assistance.

Landfill gas use becomes reality

Wastech's new Landfill Gas Utilization Plant officially went into operation this week.

Police Report – Busy Graffiti Weekend

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment.

Celebrate oceans, don’t pollute them

A bit of reflection on World Oceans Day (June 8). Is it too late?

Town facing a large shortfall after flood

Funding shortfall for infrastructure repairs in Cache Creek is expected to be more than the Village collects in yearly residential taxes.

Flood victim denied provincial assistance

The only time Kim Van Tine has asked for help, it's not there.

Police Report – house fires and distracted driving

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment.

Flood damage repairs will be costly

ESS Director estimates half a million dollars needed just for residential aid.

Town cleans up, assesses flood damage

Cache Creek residents clean up, slowly sort themselves out after the May 23 flood.

Flood cleanup is a long and dirty job

Rome wasn't built in a day and Cache Creek wasn't cleaned up in a week...

Cache Creek Residents urged to be patient

Cache Creek urges residents to be patient for answers after flash flood creates state of local emergency on Saturday.

Public opinion split on rodeo relocation

Over 80 people attended the meeting at the Ashcroft Community Hall. Everyone was in favour of the rodeo, but relocating to the mesa...?

Love your bicycle and ride safely

Bicycles are the green mode of transportation for many, but the streets are still a dangerous place out there for cyclists.

Police Report – arguments and accidents

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment