Ed McMackin

Between a rock and a hard place

Plants grow in many kinds of places, and in many kinds of physical situations.

My latest encounter with a killdeer

Ed McMackin discusses the killdeer, and its nesting habits.

The best trail foods for the hiking season

A common concern about food and hiking is getting the greatest amount of energy for the least amount of energy.

The wonderful rhythm of life in late winter

The spring season brings with it many major events, most of which occur with every spring.

What is the size of your footprint?

Ed McMackin on our negative environmental footprints.

Some bits and pieces on cross-country skiing

"Thus far, this winter season has seen the best snowshoeing and cross-country skiing conditions I’ve experienced in the Creston Valley"

The Gray Jay — Canada’s official national bird

Ed McMackin on Canada's new national bird -- the Gray Jay

The world of mushrooms and toadstools

Creston's Ed McMackin discusses fungi -- mushrooms and toadstools.

Where have all the butterflies gone?

Ed McMackin discusses various butterflies and their life cycles.

Praying mantises winding up summer activity

Creston's Ed McMackin on the nature of the praying mantis.

All those September hiking possibilities

There are many possibilities for some great hiking around Creston before snow and freezing temperatures prevail.

Out There: Early flowers bring beauty to Kootenay mountains

Creston Valley outdoors columnist offers a closer look at seven plants (with pictures) that bring spring life to Kootenay mountains...

Out There: Many types and locations of spider nests in Creston Valley

Spiders may make homes in burrows, dense grass, attached to branch, says Creston outdoors columnist Ed McMackin...

Out There: Creston Valley happenings in the springtime

When I see some not-often-seen phenomenon or thing, I think of how much is missed, says Creston outdoors columnist Ed McMackin...

Out There: Creston Valley’s mallard ducks may nest in unusual ways

Outdoors columnist Ed McMackin takes a closer look at the nesting and other habits of Creston Valley mallard ducks...

Out There: Turkey vultures part of Creston Valley cleanup crew

Naturalist Ed McMackin gives identification tips for turkey vultures, which help clean up the outdoors...

Out There: Hiking report for the Creston Mountain Trail

Holly Falls flowing, Creston Mountain Trail in good condition, says outdoors columnist Ed McMackin...

Out There: Flowers are solar collectors and sun catchers

Outdoors columnist Ed McMackin describes some of the brightly-coloured flowers that can be seen in the Creston Valley...

Out There: Water dippers at home in winter in Creston Valley creeks

Water dippers are very much at home around our mountain creeks, says Creston Valley outdoors columnist Ed McMackin...

Out There: Snowshoeing in Creston Valley’s deep snow and deep woods

Cloaked in snow, once familiar scenes transformed into something new and different, says outdoors columnist Ed McMackin…