Paul Latimer

Latimer: Dealing with food addictions

As with any addiction, recovering from a food addiction is likely a complicated process.

Latimer: Show empathy for others not feeling so cheerful

The holiday season can be a particularly lonely, stressful and painful time for some.

Latimer: Show empathy for others not feeling so cheerful

The holiday season can be a particularly lonely, stressful and painful time for some.

Latimer: Overcoming Borderline Personality Disorder

Progress being seen in treatment options using dialectical behaviour therapy.

Latimer: Brain research funding in US shows shift

Nine key areas were identified to receive funding with the goal to create a more complete picture of how the brain works. 

Latimer: Poverty has multiple repercussions including IQ

Researchers believe that worrying over high bills was using up brainpower of people without financial resources.

Latimer: The failure to remember our infancy

Most young children will not remember things that happened a year ago…This phenomenon is known as infantile amnesia.

Latimer: Preventing postpartum psychosis in women at risk

As in any medical treatment, the goal is always to measure the potential benefits of a treatment against its inherent risks.

Latimer: An alternative to welfare may help Canadians

Canada ranks 17th for overall well-being and did poorly when providing the basic necessities for children.

Latimer: Telomere test offers genetic code insights

Telomeres are part of our genetic code—often likened to the plastic tips on the ends of shoelaces.

Latimer: Defeat depression campaign reflects spring mood

I can’t think of a better time of year for people to raise awareness and funds for depression and other mood disorders.

Latimer: Maternal thought style affects kids

For mothers, just one more thing to add to the new-parent preparation handbook.

Latimer: Oh happy day, start to live in the moment

The day was created in part because happiness is deemed to be a universal goal among humans.

Latimer: Human Connectome Project works to map human brain

This new project is working to map the many connections in the human brain.

Latimer: Research in co-existing ADHD/bipolar disorder

Symptoms common to bipolar disorder are also hallmarks of ADD/ADHD.

Latimer: Link between life satisfaction and depression

Research shows our life satisfaction and risk for depression are linked.

Latimer: Finding the source of wellness within the illness

Common practice when a person begins exhibiting the highly disruptive symptoms of schizophrenia is to inform life will hold challenges.

Latimer: Postpartum depression awareness

For some the joy of childbirth can turn into a nightmare when they sink into depression, anxiety or even psychosis.

Latimer: Positive impressions of aging are self-fulfilling

Dr. Paul Latimer says how we think about age often dictates how we live our 'golden' years.

Latimer: Resolve to do meaningful work in 2013

Mental Health columnist Paul Latimer says the more meaning our work has to us, the better it is for our mind.