Paul Latimer

Latimer: Urging you to #GetLoud over mental health issues

Raise your voice to show support for those struggling with mental health issues.

Latimer: Having a purpose in life key to finding happiness

What builds positivity and happiness is finding purpose and value throughout our daily activities.

Latimer: Depression, high blood pressure top doctor visits

Physicians said depression, high blood pressure make up about half of all patient visits.

Latimer: Depression, high blood pressure top study findings

We know depression and anxiety are very common—they affect roughly one in five people and can be quite debilitating.

Latimer: Research into obesity

It seemed something triggered a change in the gene expression in some [mice, which became obese] but not others.

Latimer: Be positive about growing old

Many have internalized the marketing of youthfulness to such a degree that we dread the prospect of aging…

Latimer: Therapy dogs for mental health

Three Canadian universities are currently studying the benefits of matching dogs with people experiencing mental illness and addictions.

Latimer: Living with onset of dementia

Relatively recent findings suggest some preventive strategies seem to help in dementia.

Latimer: Selfie is the picture of narcissism

Instead of posing for endless shots, we could engage with our friends and family.

Psychiatry 101 – Battling myths and stereotypes

Everyone has a different idea of what to expect when seeing a psychiatrist

Risk of drug treatments during pregnancies

Whether or not to continue taking prescribed medication is an important thing to consider when preparing for baby.

Latimer: Cost of mental health care

…some progress has been made in battling stigma surrounding mental illness and its treatment.

Ketamine as an antidepressant 

The anesthetic may have some uses as an antidepressant

Wisdom trumps intelligence for life satisfaction

Being smart isn't the secret to happiness and life satisfaction.

Latimer: Relationship between smoking and mental illness

Rates of smoking are much higher for those with mental illness than in the general population.

Latimer: Most people experience memory deterioration after 60

Many Alzheimer research centres offer memory assessments so that people can track their memory difficulties.

Latimer: Mental health system study

Access to mental healthcare professionals emerged as an important issue.

Latimer: Wisdom trumps intelligence for life satisfaction

Those gifted with intelligence lead ordinary lives, even worry more than the rest of us.

Mental health system study

Access to mental healthcare professionals is an important issue.

Latimer: Inequality in mental health care

There are many people in the world who have virtually no way of accessing a mental health care professional.