Douglas Paton

COLUMN: Fibre artists meet locally

What’s better than having a new arts centre? Having new arts groups form to make use of it, of course.

COLUMN: The freedom to read

For anyone who loves words, or the arts in general for that matter, this is a very important week.

COLUMN: Authors to share their stories

The event features 11 storytellers from up and down the valley who have five minutes to tell their story.

COLUMN: Local art abandoned around the world

The goal for the Arts Abandonment Project was to create and distribute 150 pieces of art.

COLUMN: Telling the story of a hiking trail

Inspiration has a way of catching up to you in the most unlikely of spots.

COLUMN: Actors sought for upcoming play

The Summerland Singers and Players are on the hunt for a couple of performers for their upcoming spring show.

COLUMN: Creating art despite the distractions

Sometimes, when you really don’t want to do something, the best thing to do is just sit down and do it.

COLUMN: Position provides artistic opportunities

Every once in a while a great “Act Now!” opportunity rolls around and, if you’re in position to be in a position where you can act now.

COLUMN: Programs provide winter activities for kids

The cold weather makes everything that much more challenging and, eventually, you end up with a bad case of cabin fever.

COLUMN: The drive to kick-start creativity

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas out there and that you were able to spend the time with friends or family, as your preferences lie.

COLUMN: Creativity workshops offered in new year

We’re getting closer to the long, dark stretch of winter and, if you’re like me, having something creative to do can be a real life saver.

COLUMN: Krysa’s books examine the creative process

In 2009, Danielle Krysa did something a lot of people do when they’re not feeling inspired to create, she started a blog.

COLUMN: Children’s book tells quilting story

Inspiration is one of those things that can happen when you’re least expecting it.

COLUMN: Art class teaches encaustic painting

There is nothing quite like being able to really personalize something you plan of giving to someone during the holidays.

Column: Don’t give up the battle

Some people will spend the better part of a year writing 50,000 word

COLUMN: Author releases two books

Cathi Shaw's second book of the year is coming out in early November.

COLUMN: Event combines wine and painting

Fall brings out the artist in people who might not normally consider themselves artists.

COLUMN: Lectures and concerts scheduled

People who are looking for things to do will have quite a few options in the coming weeks.

COLUMN: Central calendar of events needed

The report talks about five strategic directions that have been established to help shape and guide the future of the arts.

COLUMN: Many groups contribute to arts scene

This past weekend, the Summerland Community Arts Council held an open house.