Doug Sloan

A tsunami of blended red wines? Or just a new twist on an unusual tide?

Imitators rushed to follow the winning formula – a red wine, with more than 10 grams/litre of residual sugar

Rediscovering the wines of Spain

Spain is one the oldest wine producing countries in the world

Chenin Blancs are a drink-now kind of wine

The grape is most closely associated with a wide range of Old World styles

Wake up to the excellence of our own BC red wines!

What is it going to take for us to learn to stop and smell the Rosés?

California…outrageously good red wines for every taste

From cabernet sauvignons to zinfandels, there is plenty of choice in full-bodied reds from Cali

Pinot Noir – the heartbreak grape

Of all the classic red wines, Pinot Noirs are most likely to be overlooked, under-appreciated or just plain misunderstood

So many different red wines to choose from…

Sometimes we become so locked-in to our favourite grapes

Chile’s Viña Montes – wines of balance and elegance!

WINE WISE: The country’s earliest wines had little in common with the high quality wines we have learned to expect from Chile

The exceptional affordability and quality of Chilean wines

WINE WISE: Rains concentrate in winter and spring, with a long dry season that continues through autumn

Sipping some on Vancouver Island’s own wines…

WINE WISE: Accredited wineries now exceed 30 and the numbers just keep growing.

More Italian wines to sip in the summer heat…

WINEWISE: There are so many varieties and styles to choose from – dry and sweet, white and red, still or sparkling

Italian wines to sip in the summer heat…

WINE WISE: It sometimes seems that every inch of Italian hillside that isn’t planted with olive trees must be planted with grapevines

Sauvignon Blanc can be the perfect summer white wine

WINE WISE: Like so many wine grapes, Sauvignon Blanc originated in France.

Pursuing Pinot Noir – the lightest red wine!

WINE WISE: Pinot Noir’s spiritual home is in France’s Burgundy

Wine tasting seminars at the Wine and Blues Fest by the Sea!

WINEWISE: Your WineWise guy will be staging two different wine tasting seminars

Vivacious Viognier – the next white wine sensation

WINE WISE: Viognier was taken on by curious winemakers and grape growers worldwide

Picking the right red wines for the BBQ…

WINE WISE: Light, medium or fuller bodied reds all have their own place in the sun

WINE WISE: British Columbia’s wines have never been finer…

New B.C. wineries are opening up in the Okanagan Valley and the Similkameen Valley, as well as the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island

A Hollywood touch at Beaufort Vineyards & Estate Winery

WINE WISE: Deeply involved in making some of the best-known and highest grossing films of all time